This Alarm Clock Is Also A Vibrator

This Alarm Clock Is Also A Vibrator

Ladies, forget about all the trouble you have to go through when waking up in the morning! This smooth elongated device is an alarm clock that also doubles as a vibrator.

The device, according to manufacturers, can be programmed to wake you up at the desired hour. Twist: you can also choose one of six different 'vibrating patterns', position the device in your pants. In the morning, the subdued buzzing emanating from your nether regions will be the only indication it's time to wake up.

The $70 wake-up vibe comes in three different colours. The makers of the device suggest the one in pink is best for 'good girls looking for a sexy experience of pleasure'; the purple vibe is not only 'eccentric, but also an icon of inspiration, imagination and desire'; the black version 'will wake you up satisfying your darkest wishes.'

The manufacturers insist that, even if you move around a lot at night, the vice will stay in place, as 'it is shaped to the curves of the female body and is exceptionally thin'. The gadget comes with a rechargeable battery and different kinds of plugs, allowing you to use it 'all over the world'.


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