Mother Was Forced To Deliver Baby In Airport Toilet

Mother Was Forced To Deliver Baby In Airport Toilet

Ragina Hamisi, 33, arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport on a flight from Kenya and moments after landing, she began giving birth in one of the toilets.

Staff at Heathrow Airport were asked to deal with the unexpected arrival of Hamisi’s baby, who was not due until some days ahead.

The support worker, from Barking in London, was forced to give birth to her as-yet-unnamed daughter in the nearest toilet as there was no time to transport her from the airport to the hospital.

According to the reports, it wasn’t until Ms Hamisi stepped off the plane that she realized her baby was on its way, at which point she asked airport staff to help her to a toilet.

Speaking of the birth, Ms Hamisi said: "All that I remember after getting off the plane is a medic and being in the toilet. I delivered my baby right there on the bathroom floor."



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