Start Planning The Kitchen Of Your Dreams (PHOTO)

Start Planning The Kitchen Of Your Dreams (PHOTO)

The growing demand for good housing has put the place of the kitchen - in a home, in the spotlight.

Here’s how to start planning the kitchen of your dreams.

Open it up

An open kitchen makes the home feel bigger and warmer. But an open plan can lead to chaos if the space is poorly organised.

Think about what you’ll do most in your kitchen—cooking, eating, entertaining, homework, and so on. If the room isn’t big enough for everything, strip away the nonessentials, or relocate them to an adjacent area.

Stretch your storage

Fewer walls often mean less space for cabinets. A kitchen island provides room for multiple base cabinets, plus additional seating and work surfaces. Drawers or pullout shelves make storage more accessible.

Try a cleaner look

Almost 70 percent of kitchen designers said they specified the new look on recent projects compared with 60 percent who chose traditional styling.

Simple cabinetry is a hallmark of transitional design. That means ditching the arched panels, applied moldings, and furniture-like feet of traditional cabinets without going ultramodern with curved corners or high-gloss finishes.


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