8-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Kills 6-Year-Old Sister

8-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Kills 6-Year-Old Sister

An 8-year-old Phoenix boy and his 6-year-old sister decided to go on a joyride with their mother's car, which ended in an accident that killed the little girl.

Both kids, still in their pajamas snuck out of bed, stole the keys to their mother's car and zoomed off but after about five miles, the little boy who appeared to know how to drive, veered off and hit a roadside pole.

The boy escaped with minor ankle injuries, but the girl, who police said didn't appear to be wearing a seat belt, suffered massive injuries and died Thursday morning at a Phoenix hospital.

One man who followed the car for about 15 minutes, Phoenix resident Ruby De La Cruz, "right before the crash, the boy "looked like he had freaked out because the cops had already turned on their lights to pull them over.

"He went real quick to the right, but he hit the curb and swerved into the pole," he said.

According to reports, their mother woke up about 10 p.m. to discover that the children were missing, along with her Hyundai Elantra. She then called 911, believing they had been kidnapped.

Source: Legit.ng

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