World's Oldest Murderer: Kills Wife, Then Commits Suicide

World's Oldest Murderer: Kills Wife, Then Commits Suicide

A 100-year-old man and his 88-year-old wife were found dead in their home on Sunday night Elmwood Park, New Jersey, USA.

The lifeless bodies of elderly people were found by their worried son who immediately called the police. According to investigators, Michael Juskin killed his wife Rosalia with an axe when she slept and later stabbed himself with a knife. They believe that the centenarian could be one of the oldest murderers in history after the attack.

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Juskin was said to have died in the bathroom of their home after cutting his wrists. Though authorities have yet to establish a motive for the crime, Juskin's family says he had been suffering from dementia. "Sometimes he was lucid and sometimes he wasn't," an unnamed relative told reporters.

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While describing the couple their neighbour, Barbara Szczecina, said: "She used to be in her garden all the time, They were always together, putzing around outside. It really is sad – and shocking, to be honest." Other neighbours said they often saw the couple out and about walking a dog and doing gardening, but said they kept to themselves.

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