Chad To Send Troops, Tanks To Nigeria To Fight Boko Haram

Chad To Send Troops, Tanks To Nigeria To Fight Boko Haram

On Saturday, tens of thousands of Chadians rallied in the country's capital N'Djamena, supporting the authorities' decision to assist Nigeria's fight with Boko Haram by sending their troops to the country. 

The crowd was led by Chad's Prime Minister Kalzeube Pahimi Deubet. The demonstrators carried Chadian flags and chanted in French and Arabic: "Kick the forces of evil out of our territory!" The banners read, "We support our army. The people of Chad support their Cameroonian and Nigerian brothers in the fight against terrorism."

"Today’s march is a strong signal, a warning to Boko Haram and above all a march for peace to protect our vital interests, to protect our economy, to protect Chad’s security," Deubet said.

Ouchar Tourguidi, head of the main party in parliament called the rally "important for boosting morale of our troops who are going to the front."

Dozens of Chadian tanks are already on their way to Cameroon after Chad’s parliament approved the deployment, and will ultimately be deployed to Baga, the border town on the shores of Lake Chad. As many as 2,000 people were massacred in the area in a raid by the Islamists on January 7.

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya had announced on Thursday that his Chadian counterpart Idriss Deby had agreed to send "a substantial contingent" of troops to help Cameroonian armed forces, who have faced repeated attacks from Boko Haram.

The Russian ambassador to the country also pledged to supply Cameroon with more modern weapons to combat the Islamist insurgents.



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