Man Axed Wife To Death Over Infidelity

Man Axed Wife To Death Over Infidelity

A murder suspect who allegedly struck his wife twice on the head with an axe leading to her death, has been arrested after evading police for 12 years.

Vincent Dube (who was 27), suspected that his wife, Memory Nobukhosi Ndlovu, who was aged 19 was having an affair with a local teacher, Mr David Nunu.

He was arrested on Tuesday last week and arraigned before the court on Monday to answer to a charge of murder. Dube was not formally charged with the offence and was remanded in custody to tomorrow.

It is alleged that Dube and Ndlovu had been customarily married for a month when the incident occurred on 2 October 2001. The court heard that Dube started suspecting that his wife was cheating on him when the teacher sent a pupil from the school with a message that Ndlovu should visit him at the school. A misunderstanding ensued between Dube and his wife until an uncle intervened.

On 2 October 2001, the court heard that Mr Nunu again sent a pupil to Ndlovu, but the pupil could not locate her. The pupil went to look for her at a nearby field where she found Dube erecting a fence. An enraged Dube allegedly picked up an axe and went to look for Ndlovu to find out why the teacher was always looking for her.

It is alleged that he slapped her with an open hand once across the face before striking her twice at the back of the head with the axe. Ndlovu fell to the ground and died on the spot and Dube left the scene leaving the axe still stuck on the head.

Ndlovu's body was taken to the United Bulawayo Hospitals for postmortem. The court heard that Dube fled from his homestead to an unknown destination.


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