Benny da Jeweler: 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Jewelry

Benny da Jeweler: 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Jewelry

Benny da jeweler is a top New York artist with over five years' experience in the business. He is widely known for his unique and stunning high-end custom pieces of jewellery. He owns and runs a jewellery shop in the Diamond District of New York. Benny learned everything about jewellery from his father, who worked in the business for over 20 years before retiring.

His shop is a one-stop store for all your custom jewellery needs: engagement rings, watches, bracelets, and chains. Benny's speciality is, however, creating high-end custom pieces for A-list celebrities and artists. It's barely five years since he opened his shop and he has worked with stars like Pop Smoke, Mary J. Blige, Lil Tjay, Diddy, Tim Hardaway, and some members of the Combs family.

Benny da Jeweler: 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Jewelry
Benny da Jeweler
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According to Benny, buying custom jewellery is one of the easiest yet challenging experiences. It's a fascinating moment to realize that you are finally going to own that piece of jewellery you have always desired. Some buyers are overwhelmed by the experience and make a rushed decision that, in most cases, changes their plans and expectations.

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Here are the top four common mistakes you should avoid when buying your custom piece.

1. Failure to set a budget

Its obvious custom jewellery comes at a higher price compared to the on-the-shelf pieces. There is a wide variety of fine jewellery with a vast price range. It would be best to plan the estimated price range you are willing to spend before visiting your jeweller. It will help you maintain focus when you consult the jeweller or choose the type of piece you want.

2. Shallow research

Conducting market research is one of the essential steps when buying custom jewellery. You are researching to identify a jeweller who can best identify, understand, and deliver according to your expectations. But some buyers more often skip this vital step; they tend to rush and trust any random jeweller to work on their creation, which may end up being a disappointment. Instead, carry out extensive research using the various available tools such as blogs, websites and check consumer reviews.

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3. Failure to educate yourself

Buying jewellery is very intriguing and an expensive affair. One simple mistake can easily land you in a dreadful and costly mistake. It's more common among first-time buyers who are not familiar with the different types of stones, designs, or materials. Consider familiarizing yourself with the various materials; it's not only diamonds or gold that can be used in creating custom jewelry. You need to get your specifications right, and if you are not sure about some aspects, you should consult an experienced jeweller for clarity.

4. Picking a jeweller

Well, this is a pretty obvious mistake that you can easily be duped to commit. Custom jewellery is a considerable investment that can cost thousands of dollars, making it a perfect market for fraudsters to thrive. You will come across all kinds of jewellers from the overpriced to the underpriced. Fake jewellers are also present in the industry and are pretty tricky to spot if you are not an experienced shopper. Therefore, do not be in a hurry to close a deal with a jeweller. Take your time to analyze the jeweller's work, and consult with friends or reliable sources.

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Alternatively, you may want to get in touch with Benny on his Instagram @bennydajewel for more insights.



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