NDDC scholarship 2022/2023: Portal, test cut off mark, past questions

NDDC scholarship 2022/2023: Portal, test cut off mark, past questions

The NDDC Foreign Postgraduate Scholarships scheme is one of the NDDC projects. The aim of the scholarship scheme is to equip Niger Deltans with relevant training and skills for effective participation in the local content programme of the current administration as well as compete globally in various professional fields. If you would like to know more about NDDC scholarship 2022/2023, you have come to the right page.

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NDDC was established in 2000 with the mission of facilitating the rapid, even and sustainable development of the Niger Delta into a region that is economically prosperous, socially stable, ecologically regenerative and politically peaceful. The NDDC postgraduate scholarship scheme aims at achieving this goal.

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Foreign Post Graduate Scholarship 2020 Scheme is for suitably qualified applicants with relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees from recognized universities in the following disciplines:

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Geosciences
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Information Technology
  • Law
  • Management Sciences

NDDC Scholarship 2022/2023 eligibility and requirements

To apply for the Niger Delta scholarship, one has to meet the following requirements:

  • The NDDC Foreign Scholarship is open to Niger Delta states in Nigeria which includes Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo, Imo, Ondo, and Rivers State
  • First degree with a minimum of 2nd Class Lower Division for those wishing to undertake a Master’s degree programme and a good Master’s degree from a recognized university for PhD candidates.
  • Applicants must have gained admission into a postgraduate programme in any of the listed disciplines above in a foreign university.
  • Applicants who have already enrolled in overseas universities are not eligible to apply.
  • The applicant should present a guarantor’s written consent of good conduct from any of the following persons from the applicant’s community/clan: Member of National Assembly/State House of Assembly, Chairman of the LGA, First Class Traditional Ruler, High Court Judge.
  • Persons with evidence of cult membership or criminal record shall not be considered for the award.
  • Applicants must have completed the mandatory National Youth Service (NYSC).

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How to apply for the NDDC scholarship

  • The application should be made online at the NDDC portal with the following attachments: Recent passport photograph, local government identification letter, Postgraduate admission letter from a recognized overseas university, relevant degrees from a recognized university, and NYSC discharge/exemption certificate.
  • Successfully completed application forms will be assigned registration numbers automatically.
  • Print the hard copy of the online generated acknowledgement for ease of reference.
  • All the shortlisted applicants will be posted on the NDDC website.

How much is NDDC scholarship worth?

The scholarship includes a full tuition waiver, accommodation, travel fares, and other expenses.

Points to note

  • Preference is given to candidates from oil-producing/bearing communities/local government areas as long as the candidates meet the approved NDDC scholarship test cut off mark.
  • The commission will ensure a fair spread of courses among beneficiaries within each state.
  • Deferment or change of institution and course are not permitted.
  • The commiission will not enter into any form of communication with candidates who were not shortlisted for the Computer Based Test (CBT) or those who were not invited for oral interview or candidates that were not successful at the oral interviews.
  • NDDC Nigeria reserves the sole and absolute discretion to select applicants in line with the above-stated criteria and its internal consideration. The decision of the commission in this regard is final.

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NDDC scholarship past questions

The NDDC overseas scholarship test usually comprises of 2 sections:

  • General questions which everyone will have to sit, and
  • Discipline-based questions.

For example, candidates in Engineering and Science related disciplines could take a mix of science-based questions like maths, english, physics and chemistry for part 1, then discipline specific questions for part 2.

If you have been looking for NDDC postgraduate scholarship past questions and answers, here they are:

1. A cricketer’s average in his first 20 innings was 15 runs per innings. After a further 10 innings, his average had increased to 17 runs per innings. What was his average for the last 10 innings?

A. 19 runs

B. 18 runs

C. 17 runs

D. 20 runs

E. 21 runs

The correct answer is E. His average was 21 runs per innings.

2. The main petroleum producing countries in Africa are _____________

A. Nigeria and Togo

B. Nigeria and Libya

C. Zaire and Algeria

D. Tunisia and South Africa

E. none of the above

The correct answer is option [B].

3. The proportion of milk and water in 3 samples is 2:1, 3:2 and 5:3. A mixture comprising of equal quantities of all 3 samples is made. The proportion of milk and water in the mixture is ______________

A. 2 : 1

B. 5 : 1

C. 99 : 61

D. 227 : 133

E. 4 : 5

The correct answer is option [D]

4. Complete the series, 144, 121, 100, ____, 64, 49

A. 99

B. 91

C. 89

D. 81

E. 79

The correct answer is option [D].

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5. A snail creeps 9 ft up a wall during the daytime. After all the labor it does throughout the day, it stops to rest a while… but falls asleep!! The next morning it wakes up and discovers that it has slipped down 5 ft while sleeping. If this happens every day, how many days will the snail take to reach the top of a wall 17ft in height?

A. 5 days

B. 4 days

C. 3 days

D. 2 days

E. 1 day

The correct answer is option [C]

6. If two typist can type two pages in two minutes, how many typists will it take to type 18 pages in six minutes?

A. 3

B. 4

C. 6

D. 12

E. 36

The correct answer is option [C]

Explanation: One typist types one page in two minutes.

7. Daniel has the same number of brothers as sisters. His sister, Laura has twice as many brothers as she has sisters. How many boys and girls are in the family?

A. 3 boys and 3 girls.

B. 4 boys and 3 girls.

C. 3 boys and 4 girls.

D. 2 boys and 3 girls.

E. None of the above

The correct answer is option [B].

8. If Ojo faces the North and spreads out his hands, what direction would his right hand point to?

A. South

B. West

C. East

D. North

E. none of the above

The correct answer is option [C], East.

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9. At a recent visit to the reptile house at the local zoo, I counted a total of 27 heads and 70 feet. I was counting snakes, lizards and people and I know that there were exactly twice as many lizards as people. How many snakes did I count?

A. 7 snakes: 7 people and 14 lizards

B. 6 snakes: 8 people and 15 lizards

C. 6 snakes: 7 people and 14 lizards

D. 5 snakes: 9 people and 11 lizards

E. 6 snakes: 5 people and 16 lizards

The correct answer is [C].

10. Which vowel comes midway between J and T?

A. A

B. E

C. I

D. O

E. U

The correct answer is option [D], O.

11. 14,500 people are sitting in a stadium. One of them is picked out. What are the chances that the person’s birthday is on a Sunday?

A. 1/14,500

B. 1/7

C. 7/14,500

D. 1/14,501

E. None of the above

The correct answer is [B].

Solution: The amount of people in the crowd is irrelevant. There are seven days in a week. So, there is a one out of seven chance of being Sunday out of the 7 days of the week.

12. Mr. Brown has 8 black gloves and 12 brown gloves in his closet. He blindly picks up some gloves from the closet. What is the minimum number of gloves Mr. Brown will have to pick to be certain to find a pair of gloves of the same color?

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6

E. 7

The correct answer is [A].

The deadline for application for the NDDC scholarship 2022/2023 was in July. Keep reading Legit.ng for more information about the latest opportunities.

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