15 best idle games for Android, iOS and PC (browser) against boredom

15 best idle games for Android, iOS and PC (browser) against boredom

By their very nature, the best idle games are addictive and are ideal for people of all ages, especially those who are looking to relax or kill time. For the gamer on the go, installing them on Android, iOS, and PC devices might just save you from making small talk or eye contact with strangers.

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Idle games are those in which the player incrementally clicks on the screen to achieve some goal. In some cases, they may start to effectively play themselves without the player’s constant input by way of upgrades and abilities. The best idle games are ideal for killing boredom, especially during this period of self-isolation and quarantine.

Best idle games to kill boredom

In a typical incremental game, a new player waits for the construction of buildings or the gathering of resources to extend their gameplay. They usually start small: a lone warrior, a small building, a lowly butterfly net.

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Over time, they become an expert, acquiring resources, and dominating the field of play with nothing but the click of their finger.

Are idle games good? They are because they offer progress without interaction. Resources such as money or goods increase at a set rate and player interactions are designed to expedite the rate of acquisition.

Here are 15 of the best incremental games that you can download on your phone.

15. Crafting Idle Clicker

This is one of the top idle games for your devices. It takes place in the distant past, that is, the 5th century.

Instead of taking part in battling, it emphasizes creating armour and weapons. You craft different items for upgrades like blueprints, lore points, and gems.

14. Plantera

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Plantera is a whimsical game that has you clicking to catch butterflies, and eventually, you will move your way up to planting different crops.

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It is one of the fun idle games because the clicks keep you upgrading different crop types as well as defending against annoying animals trying to taste the fruits of your labour.

13. AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is one of the best idle games PC. You get to play as a young go-getter trying to start their own business.

You begin with a lemonade stand then make your way up through the ranks, tackling every business venture you can. You hire managers, and that is where the ‘idle’ comes in as they keep getting you money even while your attention is elsewhere.

12. Candy Box!

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Candy Box! ranks high in the idle games list because it is fun to play. You start with zero candies but if you click enough, you will earn an impressive collection of candies.

The best aspect about it is the wild progression from a simple time-killer activity to something with a surprising amount of depth to it. Candy Box! was developed by a 19-year-old dubbed ‘aniwey.’

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11. Cow Clicker

Cow Clicker is one of the idle games online, and you can access it on Facebook. It is fun and satirical.

You need to click on a cow every 6 hours. Players can visit each other’s cows and click for them, and acquire some 'money' to buy upgrades.

Simple as it may be, it is genius because not only does it include good gameplay, but it also has a great social commentary behind it.

10. Egg, Inc.

Egg, Inc. is one of the good idle games for almost everyone. It deals with hatching chickens and is pretty simple.

You need to have the best farm and have chickens lay more eggs. These eggs, in turn, can hold the secret to the universe.

You start small but then quickly become an egg tycoon. You have to build different buildings, acquire trucks, and farms.

Power-ups include getting unlimited chickens for 30 seconds, golden eggs, and more.

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9. Clicker Heroes

This is one of the best idle games iOS users can enjoy and it is super satisfying. People who are looking for the best idle RPG games iOS will enjoy this one.

You start with a single hero and with more clicks, you turn into a veritable god. The more you click, the stronger you get.

The upgrades you get, in turn, make you hit harder and defend you more.

8. Darts Idle

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Darts Idle is one of the best online idle games, especially if you love darts. This simple yet effective activity takes darts and adds a bunch of interesting features.

With the touch of a finger, you choose your dart colour type, your name, and your opponent. Once you start, it is not as simple as just throwing the darts.

You have to manage your stamina and nervousness meters to make your best throw and vanquish your opponent. The upgrades, in turn, increase stamina and lowers your nervousness.

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7. Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout is one of the best idle games Android users can play. It also has a PC version. It is based on the original game known as Breakout.

As you play, you need to destroy blocks with numbers as you indicate the number of times that they need to be hit and clear the board.

You then upgrade the dots to cause damage, so a block with a ‘156′ on it can eventually be destroyed with a touch of a certain, powered-up dot.

You also get a slew of upgrades like speed and power to make the board not just an idle activity but a simple yet effective and colourful work of art.

6. Room Clicker

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Room Clicker, which is one of the top browser idle games, puts you in the role of a character sitting in a room, and it is created with the Construct 2 engine. In it, you start clicking to earn income.

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Eventually, you can afford to earn upgrades that fill out the room and make you passive income in the process. Things like a comfortable chair, new headphones, and a table will net you in the big bucks.

Some of the upgrades are worth thousands of dollars, which can be intimidating. However, if you click enough and spend your resources well on some upgrades, you will be purchasing these super expensive powerups within no time.

5. Doge Miner 2

Doge Miner 2 is one of the top idle browser games not only because it features doges, but also because it is fun to play.

When playing, you need to get to the moon to mine more coins. Along with your population of doge miners as well as the slave kittens who post cute videos to the internet, you will be raking in coins in no time.

Different quirky upgrades and bonuses allow you to bring in the coins without clicking. Most people can agree that Doge Miner 2 is the best idle game to enjoy on your PC or phone.

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4. Grow Defense

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Grow Defense is a fantastic 3D tower defence game in which you must work to protect your castle from invading creatures.

Your castle has basic defences, and you must upgrade them with new weapons and fortifications. As you progress, you can accumulate gold for the monsters you kill.

You should use this wisely to bolster your defences so that you can survive future attacks. The enemies become progressively stronger so make sure the castle can withstand the barrage.

Do not forget that there are bosses to beat as you play.

3. Enchanted Heroes

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Enchanted Heroes is one of the idle games free that you should start playing on your web browser today. It is a fun incremental activity in which you take on the role of one of the enchanted heroes.

You can be a knight who attacks enemies with a simple click. All you need to do is to touch directly on the monster to hear it. You can also click yourself to heal after taking damage.

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Upgrades include new weapons and armour for your hero. When you take a break from the screen, heroes will continue to slay beasts for you, earning you income to buy upgrades and power-ups.

2. Doge Miner

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In Doge Miner, everyone’s favourite Shiba dog mines for ‘dogecoin’. You start with one mound of rock to mine.

Within no time, you earn enough coins to hire more Shiba Inu pups to help you mine some coin. Your dogecoin per second will be displayed.

You will acquire more coins to buy a rocket ship to fly to the moon. If you love the internet’s quirkiness and want something unique to play, Doge Miner will scratch that itch.

1. Cookie Clicker

What is the best idle game? Cookie Clicker is, and it is considered the most important incremental game in terms of developing the genre further.

The player gains a cookie each time they click the giant cookie. With the cookies gained, buildings and other things can be purchased. After a while, upgrades can be used to get more cookies per click, and even collect cookies on its own.

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Which among these best idle games for Android, iOS and PC have you played to fight boredom in your life? Share with us in the comment section below.

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