Mathematics was invented in Africa 25,000 years ago - Studies

Mathematics was invented in Africa 25,000 years ago - Studies

- Tactful studies have proven that Africa is the true origin of mathematics, which is one of the most relevant subjects in the world

- Evidence gathered from Egypt, Mali, Congo, Swaziland and more show that many ancient mathematical devices had been used in Africa more than 25,000 years ago

- Great monuments such as the pyramids of Egypt also buttress the point, as the building of such great structures requires deep application of mathematics

Careful studies in recent years have revealed that one of the world's most relevant subjects, mathematics, was invented in Africa and not from the foreign world as many Eurocentric myths have suggested in the past.

According to historical facts, archaeological evidence and artifacts lend credence to the origination of mathematics from ancient Africa, more than 25,000 years ago.

A good mass of the historic evidence comes from the mountains of Swaziland and the headwaters of the Nile River in the northeastern part of Congo.

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It is indicated that numbering, counting, measuring and other basic numerical forms were applied by ancient Africans in these areas over 25 millenniums ago. There were also discoveries that suggest early attempts to quantify time in those ages.

Specifically, some of the discoveries that have sent strong signals about Africa being the origin of mathematics include the Lebombo bone, the Ishango bone, series of tally marks carved in columns, the Tellem weavers of Mali, and others.

The Lebombo bone, for instance, is regarded as the world’s oldest recorded and proven measuring and mathematical device. On the other hand, the Ishango bone is reported to represent either the earliest known representation of prime numbers or a six-month lunar calendar.

To prove the discovery, even more, the systems of measurement used in the African forest kingdoms, and the mathematics used in building the great stone complexes of Zimbabwe as well as the great accuracy of the dimensions of the pyramids still gives rise to wonder and strengthens the evidential value of the African origin of mathematics.

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The accuracy of the Egyptian value for (the constant ratio of circumference to diameter of any circle) was probably a result of theoretical analysis of “squaring a circle” and confirmation of experiment and accurate measurement.

The Egyptian value for pi was 3.16, much closer to the modern 3.14, gives credence to the African roots of mathematics.

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Meanwhile, previously reported that a nine-year-old boy Siju Olawepo is able to tell the day of the week of any year without checking the calendar.

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