Ado Ekiti postal code full list by area

Ado Ekiti postal code full list by area

Knowing what Ado Ekiti postal code, according to your area, is important especially if you want to use postal services. Even though electronic media and short messages via gadgets make sending messages easier, there is just no way paper communication can be totally erased. Whether you will be sending a letter or receiving a parcel, it is necessary to have the right address indicated. Getting it right is the only way to ensure that your goods arrive in good time.

Ado Ekiti postal code

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The postal code for Ado Ekiti depends on the street. Ado Ekiti Zip codes are also referred to as Ado Ekiti postal codes or alternatively Ado Ekiti postcode. Below is the full list of postal code for Ado Ekiti in Nigeria.

List of all zip code for Ado Ekiti

Some of the codes are similar since they are in the same region. These include:

1. Stadium Area with code 360211

All these areas use this postal code:

  • 1st Avenue Avn.
  • 2nd Avenue Avn.
  • 3rd Avenue Avn
  • 5th Avenue Avn.
  • 6th Avenue Avn.
  • Adeowa Lane
  • Dallimore Rd.
  • Fajuyi Lane
  • Ila St.
  • Jubilee Akintoye Rd.
  • Little by Little Rd.
  • Naira and Kobo
  • Okorodo Odun St.
  • Ulara St.

2. Federal Polytechnic area for postal code 360231

These include:

  • 2nd Ave.
  • 3rd Ave.
  • 4th Ave.
  • Aba Igbira Rd.
  • Alokan Cl.
  • Federal Polytechnic
  • Ifedoju Rd.
  • Layout Rd.
Ado Ekiti zip code

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3. Fehintola Estate area for code 360281

  • Adebayo Lane
  • Adeparusi Rd.
  • Ajayyi Rd.
  • Bishop’s Court Lane
  • Dr’s Quarters
  • Fasuau Cl;
  • Gaeway Rd.
  • Ilari Rd.
  • J & M Lane

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4. Olora’s Palace Area with code 360212

  • Adeowa Lane
  • Ajayi Lane
  • Ayemi Rd.
  • Olora’s palace Rd.
  • Spaceage Rd.

5. Cocoa Dev. Unit Area for code 360241

  • Agriculture Palm Pr.
  • Agriculture Rd.
  • Aro Layout
  • Ifedoju Rd.
  • Layout Rd.
  • Mathew St.
  • Omolayo Rd.

6. Area G.R.A. for 360261

  • Ajagba Cl.
  • Akintayo Rd.
  • Aremu St.
  • Oke Ayegburi Lane
  • Okurume St.
  • Omisinla Rd.
  • Orerewu St.
  • Ogbo Oba St.
  • Ugbein St.

7. Idolofin Area for 360221

  • Ajegunle St.
  • Ajiboye Lane
  • Idolofin St.
  • Iyere Rd.
  • Mathew St.
  • Ogbontitun St.

8. Falegan Estate area for 360251

  • Aladesanmi Layout Rd.
  • Bishops Rd.
  • Olebola Rd.
  • Work Rd.
Ado Ekiti

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9. Ilokun area for 360213 code

  • Ilokun Ilokun
  • Are Rd. 360213

10. Araromi area

  • Aremo St. 360271

With all the Ado Ekiti postal code, anyone can rest easy knowing that their letter or parcel will never get lost.

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