Comedian Ali Baba reacts to Lagos building collapse

Comedian Ali Baba reacts to Lagos building collapse

Veteran Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba has taken to social media to address the tragic Lagos building collapse and how the society has contributed to the ills that affect people everyday.

Earlier on, reported the news of how a three-storey building reportedly collapsed in Lagos state on Wednesday, March 13, trapping several pupils, some of whom have been confirmed dead. Following numerous blames being thrown at the government, comedian Ali Baba has taken to his Instagram page to speak on the issue.

He wrote: "Someone sent me a message asking why I have not said anything about this Lagos Island building collapse, since yesterday... I ignored it. My condolences to all the families who lost loved ones and properties. God will console you. But just to avoid being considered insensitive, let me say this, we are our own problems.

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If Lagos State Government marked that building for demolition and actually went through with the demolition, many of the people going emotional and getting angry about the non demolition now, would have been the same persons calling out the government. For being insensitive to the plight of the poor. How can they break down a school because they believe the integrity of the structure is suspect? Close a road for repairs, you will hear people shout.

Clamp down on commercial drivers with out prerequisite certification, NURTW will go on strike. Try to weed out the teachers in our schools who need to be taught, NUT will go on strike. Query a Chief Judge who can not explain the source of monies that can not be from his salary, it is called a witch hunt. Arrest buses for indiscriminate parking anywhere but the bus Stop, it's oppression of the masses. People will throw dirt and refuse into drainage and complain of flooding. Ask a young man with no means of livelihood driving a range rover, it's oppression of the youths. Stop a man who is driving with a child in the front seat, they will ask you is it your job? Stop someone driving against one way, they will say, just let him go.

Posted a video of 2 Soldiers riding an okada without helmets, and the question some were asking was how much do the soldiers paid? How many times have we complained of tankers on the bridge? How many engineers have been punished and licenses withdrawn? How many properties have Been seized? How much compensation has been paid? How many of such structures are insured? What is the Institute of Quantity surveyors doing about these issues? What do I know Sef? Shebi I am just a comedian?

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