Richest actor in the world now and his incredible net worth

Richest actor in the world now and his incredible net worth

Every year, different sites and magazines create the rankings of the wealthiest actors, musicians, businesspeople, etc. Today we want to tell you about the richest actor in the world and his incredible net worth that nothing but impress. Do you think it is a Hollywood star? You will be shocked, but the wealthiest actor on the planet is a Bollywood star and is richer even than Tom Cruise. Are you ready to find out his name? Keep reading the post and enjoy the reading.

Richest actor in the world now and his incredible net worth
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Do you want to know the name of the man who is the most popular Bollywood actor, a talented man, and a successful entrepreneur? Forbes named him as one of the most highly paid actors. This actor topped the list of the wealthiest celebrities in India and also became the richest Bollywood actor. Have you already guessed his name?

Who is the richest actor in the world?

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Of course, you know his name because Shah Rukh Khan or King Khan is a household name in the whole world. Shah Rukh Khan is indeed the richest actor in the world.

In 2015, the Bollywood star ranked sixth in the list of the richest actors in the world. At that time, Shah Rukh even overtook the famous Tom Cruise. In 2017, Khan rose to the second line of the ranking, and Cruz to the third place. According to CelebrityNetWorth, Shahrukh Khan net worth in 2018 is 600 million dollars. Even a Hollywood star Tom Cruise, who is the richest actor in Hollywood has less. Forbes reports that Shah Rukh Khan was on the 8th position of the ten most highly paid actors in 2017 and his annual earnings were 35 million dollars.

How did the richest film actor in the world achieve his wealth?

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Not everyone knows that the actor has passed a difficult path to his wealth. He was not born into a family of rich and famous people. Before becoming King of Bollywood, he had to go through many difficulties. But the primary condition for the Shah Rukh’s victory was his diligence, enterprise, and faith in the dream.

Richest actor in the world now is Shah Rukh Khan
Image:, @IamSRK
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The great talent of the actor and his successful acting career

One of the keys to the success of Shah Rukh Khan was his acting talent. His first role as an actor was filmed television series ‘Dil Dariya.’

A year later, he worked on another project. It was the ‘Fauji’ series, where Khan immediately got the central role. It was the project that allowed him to go further up the career ladder.

In 1990, Shahrukh moved to Bombay from New Delhi. There he began acting in feature films. In Bombay, SRK quickly achieved success in the film industry. Already in the early stages of his acting career, he received several Filmfare Award for his roles. The Filmfare Awards is Indian premier annual film awards which by value is similar to the American 'Oscar.' As a result of his hard work and big talent, Shah Rukh Khan became a champion in the number of awards. Only at the beginning of his career, he got three of them:

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  1. 'Deewana' in 1992 for best debut.
  2. 'Baazigar' in 1993 for the best performance of a negative role.
  3. 'Anjaam' in 1994 for the best male role.

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Now Shah Rukh is filmed at least in 1 film per year. In parallel, he produces his films. He has starred in more than 80 movies, and the actor is not going to stop. His annual income for acting work is approximately 38 million dollars.

“My biggest achievement is that I can make people smile just by my presence.” - says King Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan also performs at weddings and other special occasions. His every appearance is worth a fortune.

Shah Rukh Khan is not only a highest-paid actor in Bollywood, but he is also an entrepreneur and ambassador, and his businesses and endorsement deals bring him a good annual profit as well. His incredible wealth can impress anyone. Let's talk a bit about what except for the acting career bring the famous actor a considerable profit.

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Successful entrepreneurship

Richest actor in the world
Image:, @IamSRK
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King Khan was engaged in entrepreneurship at the time he has started his acting career. He had a small restaurant in Delhi. And such an enterprise is fully explained. Shah Rukh got financial education at the University of New Delhi. Then he got a master's degree in Mass Communications.

The actor made his name as a brand. He represented various large companies, such as Hyundai, Pepsi, TAG Heuer, Nokia, LUX, and others. And we know that the endorsement deals can bring celebrities a big profit.

In 2003, Shah Rukh and his wife, Gauri, founded Red Chillies Entertainment. The company also has a visual effects studio Red Chillies VFX. SRK by himself produces and acts in films. In 2018, the company released a new movie 'Zero' with the participation of the actor.

Thanks to the enterprising talent of Shah Rukh, his income is continually growing. Within a few years, they are expected to increase by 142%.

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Active philanthropist

The actor is actively involved in charity. He promoted polio vaccinations, then invested in an organisation to fight AIDS, helping people with disabilities. Shah Rukh, at his own expense, implemented a project to provide electricity to 36 Indian villages and paid for the treatment of orphans affected by the terrorist act. For community activities, Khan was the first Indian citizen to be awarded a special UNESCO prize.

Other interesting facts about Shah Rukh Khan

  • Name 'Shah Rukh' translated from Indian as 'Prince.'
  • He was born in a Pashtun family.
  • Khan's mother Lateef Fatima graduated from Oxford University.
  • The actor is married to Gauri Chibber woman from a Hindu family. Shah Rukh is a Muslim. Despite the prohibitions of the girl's parents, Shah Rukh and Gauri secretly dated for seven years and got married in 1991. Together they have three children.
  • In several museums of wax figures around the world, there are also figures of the King of Bollywood. The wax statue of the artist is also in the Madame Tussauds Museum.

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Richest actor in the world in 2018
Image:, @IamSRK
Source: Facebook


Shah Rukh Khan is a fantastic person, who shows us that to achieve the goal you need to work hard. No wonder, that fans call him the greatest actor in the history of the Indian movie industry. Despite the setbacks, at the moments of the fall, he remained a purposeful person. The actor not only increases his income but also actively helps other people with his charity work. The actor is not proud of his fame and money. On the contrary, he shares his experience with people, and is always open for communication and teaches not to give up.

“Study hard. Work hard. Play harder. Don’t be bound by rules, don’t hurt anybody and never live somebody else’s dream.”– says the artist.

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