How to use body scrub for better effect

How to use body scrub for better effect

Scrubs are a means for effective cleansing of the skin from the dead particles. They make the face and body smooth and elastic. However, excessive or improper use of the remedy is quite capable of doing more harm than good. Read on and find out how to use body scrub for better effect.

How to use body scrub to improve health

Modern women who take care of their appearance and health are sure to study the composition of the purchased cosmetics. Now it is trendy to use only natural products, without chemicals and preservatives. “Sweet” scrub, prepared by your own, is easy to use, and the result will be soft, smooth skin, pleasant to the touch.

We are going to tell you about different types of scrubs for your body, their benefits and how to use them correctly to achieve incredible results and not to do harm to your skin.

How to use body scrub

You should apply exfoliating remedies properly, in any case, do not use products for the body on your face. The exfoliating components in their composition are too coarse and aggressive for the delicate skin of the face, you will get nothing but microtraumas from such an experiment. And facial scrubs just will not give any result if you use them for the body, simply because they are not sufficiently abrasive.

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Cosmetologists advise using scrubs after a hot shower, bath or bath: steamed skin is more susceptible and cleans much easier.

In a sauna or a bath, the remedy will work best if you apply it after the second entry into the steam room. The best time for scrubbing is in the evening, since the cells divide at night faster, which means that the epidermis free from the dead cells will be renewed more quickly. After cleansing, you should apply a moisturizer on your body, especially it is important after using salt-based products.

How to use the scrub:

  • Before applying scrub, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned and steamed to open the pores. Then the dead particles are more easily and efficiently removed.
  • The scrub is plentifully applied on the body and gently massaged in a circular motion for 5-6 minutes.
  • Thoroughly rinse the skin with water and apply a moisturizer with a light, non-greasy texture.

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How to use body scrub for better effect - tips and tricks

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How to use body scrubs effectively

Scrubs, with rare exceptions, do not have a gradation by skin type, so you need to choose it according to the components that make up the composition.

  • Delicate, vulnerable, prone to irritation and inflammation skin needs the most suitable tools with artificial abrasive particles. They are smaller compared to natural and less traumatic. These scrubs can be used every day.
  • Oily skin needs serious cleansing, therefore, requires the use of natural abrasives, also very well suited means with clay, which tightens pores, and salt scrubs. Remember, salt peeling cannot be used if the skin is in a state of irritation or injured.
  • Dry skin requires careful treatment, therefore creamy or gel peels with a minimum content of abrasive granules are most suitable for it. The ideal option is a moisturizing and caring sugar scrub or peeling with plastic balls.
  • Normal skin works well with any scrubs. You will have to rely on your feelings and the visible result from the use.
  • Thin skin with blood vessels which are close to the surface needs no scrubs at all. The only option is suitable for its purification is ultrasonic (not mechanical) cleaning.

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It is not enough to get an expensive remedy to get a smooth, velvety skin. Besides, you need to know how to use the body scrub properly. Otherwise, there is a risk of not getting the result you expected.

There are several recommendations not to do harm to your skin:

  • Before using a new scrub, you need to test for allergies.
  • If there is a feeling of tightness, burning, peeling or redness after scrubbing that does not go away and after moisturizing cream, immediately stop using this peeling.
  • Do not use scrubs if the skin has cracks or cuts. In addition to the discomfort that will undoubtedly appear, there is the possibility of their infection.
  • Scrubs are contraindicated if you have a rash. You should contact a professional beautician for treatment.
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When and how often to use body scrub

If you ask the girls about what means will be best in cleaning the skin, then many will answer “scrub,” even if they have never used it.

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The scrub is really able to clean the skin making it unusually soft and smooth thoroughly. Due to this, it appeared that if you use the body scrub daily, it will perfectly clean your skin and the rest of the treatment can be neglected. Do not abuse the scrubbing procedure. It is better to achieve the desired result slowly but surely than to overdo it and damage the skin.

How often you can use a body scrub depends on several factors:

  • skin type - dry one needs to scrub less often than oily. Usually, oily skin is scrubbed once a week, dry one - in a week;
  • type of scrub - stronger means should be used less frequently;
  • seasons - as a rule, it is not appropriate to use it in the cold season. At this time of year, the skin is already suffering from strong atmospheric effects. In the hot season, it can be used more often, but it is better to avoid the use of such a scrub if you plan a long stay in the sun.

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If you use scrubs with a suitable frequency for your skin type, you will not harm yourself.

Vanilla body scrub

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Sugar scrub for your body

Sugar scrub is a tool containing only natural ingredients for gentle and high-quality cleansing of the body from dead skin cells of the epidermis. The use of home cosmetics gives confidence in the absence of preservatives, dyes, and other harmful components in it. It can save your money and is available at any time.

The cost of sugar in comparison with purchased scrubs, and even with spa procedures is minimal. In this case, the benefits of home-made products are even more significant.

Sugar, due to its structure and chemical composition, can make the skin of the body more beautiful and younger.

The sugar particles in the scrub composition act as an abrasive. They pick up dead cells and remove them. Thus, the skin becomes smoother, its color improves, and the useful components contained in scrubs can more easily get deep into the pores.

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With regular use of sugar scrub, you can gradually get rid of all the minor flaws, significantly reduce cellulite and remove or make stretch marks almost imperceptible.

During this procedure, the nutrients contained in the sugar also enter the epidermis. Along with monosaccharides, these components smooth the skin. Glycolic acid, which contributes to the development of natural collagen, provides skin elasticity, not allowing wrinkles to form.

There are many useful properties and advantages of body scrub such as:

  • Multipurpose. It is useful for all skin types to the same extent. You can make the composition that is most suitable for oily, normal or dry skin by adding the appropriate ingredients.
  • Gentle cleansing. Sugar provides the softest, most delicate peeling dissolving during the procedure.
  • High-quality care. Fructose in the composition of sugar wonderfully affects the condition of the skin. After peeling, it becomes velvety and radiant.
  • It normalizes fat balance. Permanent use of the product maintains a balance between oil and dry skin while removing pore contamination and excess fat.
  • Protection, nourishing. With the regular use of sugar scrub as a means of body care on the skin formed the thinnest layer that protects it. Elbows and knees get rid of roughness, remain smooth for a long time, and they do not darken.

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Useful sugar scrub
  • Prevention of skin diseases. Various rashes and acne most often appear as a result of inflammation of the sebaceous glands due to the constant accumulation of contamination on the skin, irregular, careless cleaning.
  • It has improved skin texture. It makes less visible such defects of the dermis as cellulite, scars after acne, stretch marks. It also improves blood flow to the problem areas, activates the burning of excess fat.
  • Anti-aging effect. Glycolic acid in the composition of cane sugar exfoliates dead cells, leaving a new, young skin, brightens pigmentation, age spots.
  • Moisturizing, restoring water balance. The rate of the water content of tissues increases, their elasticity increases. The addition of essential oils binds water and keeps it inside cells for a long time. The wilting and aging of the skin slows down.

All the beneficial qualities of a homemade sugar scrub will manifest only when it will using regularly and correctly. Its therapeutic and prophylactic properties can be enhanced with additives by the type of skin and the goal you want to achieve.

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How to use sugar body scrub correctly

Before using the sugar scrub, the skin should be pre-cleaned, but not steamed. You can combine the exfoliation process by taking a bath - after spending 15 minutes in warm water, proceed to scrub your body. In such a way, the effectiveness of the procedure will increase in several times. Apply the product by lightly massaging movements, in no case rubbing it into the skin with force.

When applying means pay attention to the most problematic areas, such as elbows, knees, heels, as well as areas with noticeable cellulite.

Please note! Exfoliating agents are recommended to use no more than 1-3 times a week. The frequency will depend on the condition and needs of the skin, as well as on the composition of sugar scrub.

How to use sugar scrub

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Coffee scrub for your body

Coffee scrubs are a very popular home remedy for skin care. Coffee scrubs received such universal recognition, first of all, for their multifunctional action and availability, as well as a kind of aromatherapy during the procedure of scrubbing the coffee grounds.

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Coffee has earned its respect in cosmetology due to the content of substances that have the power to resist many of the skin's problems, as well as to slow down its aging processes.

Such coffee components as caffeine, fatty acids, essential oils, amino acids, vitamins, polyphenols, antioxidants, micro and macro elements in the complex have a positive effect on the skin condition as follows:

  • activation of the metabolic processes of the skin;
  • increasing of its resistance to adverse environmental effects;
  • preventing skin cancer;
  • cleaning and exfoliating dead skin cells of the epidermis;
  • the solution of problems of cellulitis;
  • providing the skin with strength and elasticity;
  • having a tonic effect on the skin;
  • improving the color of the body and face;
  • increasing blood circulation.
How to use coffee scrub for better effect

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Due to caffeine, metabolic processes in the upper layers of the skin are accelerated, which stimulates fat burning. Therefore, coffee scrubs are successfully used to facilitate the process of losing weight. You can improve the effect of scrubbing with additional natural ingredients.

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You can increase the effect of scrubs based on coffee in the bath, because pores open after the hot steam. The coffee scrub helps in the best way to cleanse the skin, nourishing and enriching it with useful elements.

Coffee scrub for body

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How to use coffee scrub on body effectively

If you want coffee scrub had the desired effect on your skin, you need to use it properly. Here are the tips that you need to consider when applying a coffee scrub:

  • The use of coffee scrub for the face is recommended 1-2 times a week and for the body 2-3 times a week.
  • It is better to use scrubs from coffee grounds for dry and normal skin, and finely ground coffee is suitable for oily skin.
  • If you use a coffee scrub as an anti-cellulite agent, then it is best to apply it on steamed skin. Therefore, before the procedure, take a hot shower, and for a better slimming effect, apply the scrub with a massage sponge, then take an anti-cellulite bath with essential oils.

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Scrub for better effect

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Scrub will help you to become the owner of clean and delicate skin. It is a simple and effective cleanser. But to maximize the effect, you need to use it by the rules and know some secrets. By following these simple tips, you can quickly put your skin in good shape. The admiring glances of others will be a sound proof of that. We hope this article was useful for you. Live comments below if you still have some questions.

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