Juliet Ibrahim biography

Juliet Ibrahim biography

It is always so much fun to learn more about successful people and get motivated to achieve heights in your own career. Check the amazing Juliet Ibrahim biography, her age, achievements, success story and Nollywood/Ghana movies she has starred in.

Gorgeous Juliet Ibrahim

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Today this wonderful woman is a famous actress, movie producer and singer known across Africa and in many countries on the planet.

What is Juliet Ibrahim life history? How did she manage to get one of the most impressive awards – fame, become a happy mother and accomplish her biggest goals?

Biography of Juliet Ibrahim

A little girl whose destiny would be to turn into a professional and famous African actress was born in Ghana in 1986. Her family quickly grew, as the first daughter (Juliet) was followed by two more daughters (sisters) and a brother. Juliet Ibrahim lived most of her younger years in Lebanon.

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The girl received her education in several countries. She went to school in Lebanon but later moved back to Ghana and chose her university in this country. The good-looking woman is really smart and highly educated. In the higher educational institutions, she studied different fields, including journalism, foreign languages, and marketing.

Can you imagine this? Juliet does not only speaks English but also French and Spanish. She is intelligent and hardworking.

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Today Juliet is not just an actress who is well-known and awarded different prestigious prizes. She is also a movie, TV series, and reality show producer.

Below are the answers to the most popular questions about Juliet Ibrahim life history.

Juliet Ibrahim age

Born in 1986, the impressive actress turned 32 years old in 2018. She celebrated her latest birthday on March 3rd.

Is Juliet Ibrahim married?

No, the actress is currently not married. She used to be the wife of a businessman Kwadwo Safo Jnr. The couple’s marriage lasted from 2010 until 2014. That year Juliet and Kwadwo divorced.

We know that the ex-husband is already married to a different woman, while Juliet is not officially engaged in any relationship at the moment. Still, there are rumors about her dating.

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Juliet’s child

The year the popular actress married Kwadwo Safo Kantanka, she delivered a baby. It was an amazing boy whose birthday is celebrated every year on December 17.

This year the little mommy’s prince is turning 8 years old. His name is Jayden Safo.

Juliet Ibrahim son

Juliet Ibrahim's Ghana movies

The debut of the star in the films was in 2005. It was a blockbuster that brought Juliet her first amazing award of the Best Actress in her native country. Such a nice start, isn’t it?

Here are some of the Ghanaian films Juliet Ibrahim has starred in:

  • Crime to Christ (2005)
  • In the Eyes of My Husband (2007)
  • Losing You (2008)
  • Restore My Love (2009)
  • Missing Child (2009)
  • Queen’s Pride (2009)
  • 4 Play (2010)
  • Number One Fan (2014)

Nollywood, Hausa and Yoruba films

The actress’ Nollywood filmography accounts over 80 films. Here are some of the most impressive titles, along with the very first Nigerian movie in her career:

  • Yankee Boys (2008)
  • Honor My Will (2008)
  • Shattered Romance (2014)
  • Ladan Noma (2016)
  • 10 Days in Sun City (2016)
  • Black Bride (2016)

Juliet’s awards

The gorgeous actress from Ghana is well-known in Nigeria because she keeps being featured in different Nollywood movies and winning prestigious awards in Africa.

Here is a list of her main achievements:

  • Best Actress in a Leading Role (2010) – for the film, "4 Play"
  • Achievement Award 2010 – by City People Magazine
  • Ghana Movie Personality of the Year (2010)
  • Best Ghanaian Actress (2014)
  • Actress of the year (2016)

One of the top actresses in Africa is a very successful, beautiful, and nice. Many fans call Juliet Ibrahim the most gorgeous lady in West Africa, and so do various fashion magazines. It is true that the happy mother of a little boy is hard working and intelligent. Her estimated net worth is over 550 thousands dollars.

What are your favorite movies starring Juliet Ibrahim? Is it one of the many Ghana movies or one of the 50+ Nollywood films?

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