Simple wedding hall decoration ideas in Nigeria

Simple wedding hall decoration ideas in Nigeria

To emphasize the atmosphere in which the most unforgettable day in the life of the newlyweds will take place, it is especially important to approach the issue of decorating a banquet hall seriously. In this case, not only aesthetics but also the budget, the thematic focus, the conditions of the organization are essential. Use our simple wedding hall decoration ideas in Nigeria to create unique decor with your own hands.

Simple wedding hall decoration ideas in Nigeria
How to decorate your wedding?
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The decoration of the hall is an essential stage in the planning of the celebration!

Wedding decorations

Creating a design requires a preliminary selection of a suitable placement. In this plan, start with the number of guests, the convenience of the traffic intersection, as well as the available budget.

Posh wedding hall decoration idea
Wedding hall in a chic design
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Searching for interesting ideas, you can use maximum creativity. If you deeply think through the decor of the chosen place, it is essential to decide in what conditions the celebration will be organized. At the same time, lack of taste and pursuit of ostentatious luxury will turn even a cozy banquet hall into a farce. The basic principle of decorating a hall for a wedding is a sense of proportion. It is permissible to use:

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  • fabrics: table dressing, tablecloths, curtains, draperies, arches, silk ribbons, bows, ribbons, dressing for bouquets;
  • garlands of paper and with colored lights: walls and lighting for individual decor elements that you want to highlight;
  • fresh flowers: flower arrangements, bouquets, garlands;
  • paper: table setting, invitations, greeting inscriptions;
  • accessories: fasteners for small parts when making ornaments and supports for decor elements;
  • air balloons: various sizes, shapes, and colors for the formation of garlands and compositions;
  • confetti and other small details: used as a festive tinsel.
A decoration of a wedding hall

The basis of the wedding is the triumph of love and romance. It is possible to emphasize these aspects during the celebration thanks to the sweet things. Balloons and flowing fabrics are the best solutions for romantics. Properly designed lighting will help create an intimate setting. On the tables at the guests' place, put small containers filled with water with droplets of glycerin interspersed with flower petals. On the surface of the container, leave a floating candle in the flask.

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To the bouquets and compositions of the air balloons don`t overload the chairs and tables, fill them with helium, let them soar in the hall under the ceiling or above the tables, creating a fabulous picture.

Ordinary air balloons can be replaced with original models sold in specialty stores.

Wedding air balloons
Air balloons in the decoration of the wedding hall
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As an interesting variant of hall decoration, you can use street lanterns with candles burning inside. Decorate them with butterflies to make the composition resemble a fairy forest.

Details from fresh flowers create a sweet and actual image. They emphasize high status, give flavor and don`t leave even the skeptic indifferent.

Don`t forget about pleasant little things in the form of souvenirs and small gifts for guests. They will serve as a reminder of the day and eye-catching adornment.

Wedding favors

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Wedding hall decoration

At the heart of the decoration of the banquet hall for the wedding following the latest trends lie ideas. First of all, we need to build on the general style of celebration. Someone likes vintage more, and someone gravitates toward modernity. In the decor, you can take into account the preferences of guests and newlyweds.

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It is important to use artificial lighting, fresh flowers, a minimum amount of different tinsel. Everything should be beautiful. At the same time, it is advantageous to use fancy ornaments in culinary arts, because the first attention of guests will be riveted to the table. Capture the admiration of each guest with culinary masterpieces that are not only pleasant to taste but also look appropriate.

Wedding cake

Wedding hall can be supplemented with bright fabrics with gilding
The wedding in the Mediterranean style
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The deep color of red wine became the primary trend of 2018
The wedding in the Marsala style
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Weddings are still in high demand in the sophisticated style of the shabby-chic with its inherent romance. For decoration use fresh flowers of pastel shades, lacy napkins, covers for chairs, and vegetable patterns. Also, popular is the style of Provence with wicker furniture, linen cloaks, and tablecloths, sprigs of lavender.

It should be with wicker furniture, linen cloaks, and tablecloths, sprigs of lavender
The wedding in the Provence style
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In general, there should be nothing superfluous on the wedding tables of the wedding hall. The round shape of the table promotes open communication.

Nigerian wedding

The decoration of the hall for the wedding cannot be allowed to go by itself and hope that everything will turn out all right. To make the event a success and leave a great impression both for newlyweds and guests, you need a general knowledge of the basics and adherence to the basic principles of decoration. To decorate the wedding hall, there is no need to invite an expensive designer. Beautiful decoration can be achieved with a person who has an excellent sense of taste and style.

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The wedding hall must be decorated gently and at the same time solemnly and beautifully. For this purpose are different suitable methods with the help of balls, cloth or flowers. The main thing is that the decoration doesn`t get out of the general style of the wedding.

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