Strongest animal in the world - Top 5

Strongest animal in the world - Top 5

What is the strongest animal in the world? You can think of an elephant right away, because it is the biggest creature after the blue whale on Earth, but is the elephant the strongest on the planet? Does the animal strength depend on its size and weight? How do you determine who is the strongest in the animal kingdom?

Strongest animal in the world

The strongest animal in the whole world

The article includes a list of the world's strongest animals, compiled from many abilities and facts. Here are included various creatures, which are united by only one criterion - their enormous strength, which exceeds the human tens, if not hundreds of times. Nature does not get tired of surprising with its unique abilities - you will be amazed at how strong some of these animals can be. Let's start with the elephant.

5. African elephant

This animal is not only one of the largest animals but also one of the strongest. Its weight can be up to seven tons, and the body length up to eight meters. The elephant lifts items with a trunk. The trunk is a unique muscular organ. And the weight that the elephant can lift with the help of its trunk exceeds the weight of the elephant by one and a half times. An elephant can easily lift a trunk or tear out a tree with its trunk. The African elephant can carry up to 9,000 kg, which is the weight of 130 adults.

In India, elephants are used to carry large loads. The maximum speed of an elephant is forty-five kilometers per hour. This animal is very stable, it is almost impossible to knock it down, only if several predators attack it.

The African elephant can carry up to 9,000 kg, which is the weight of 130 adults

African elephant in Savannah, photo from

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4. Grizzly Bear

The Grizzly Bear is considered the largest of all kinds of bears. Its can reach four meters in height, and it can weigh up to seven hundred kilograms. A grizzly bear can raise more than 500 kg, and this means that it can carry a weight roughly equal to its body weight. It is known for its strength and very dangerous for humans. Such a bear can open the car with its claws, like a can of canned food.

Such a bear can open the car with its claws, like a can of canned food

Focused on the game grizzly bear, photo from

3. Tiger

Tiger is the strongest representative of the Cat family. It can reach very serious dimensions: grow to three and a half meters, and weight to three hundred kg. When hunting, a tiger can run at speeds of up to 60 km/h, making it one of the fastest animals. The tiger can overpower twice its weight. Tigers are listed in the Red Book and hunting for them is prohibited in the whole world.

Tiger is listed in the Red Book

Hungry tiger before the hunt, photo from

2. Gorilla

This is the strongest representative of the primates. The growth of a gorilla can be up to two meters in height, and weight up to two hundred and fifty kilograms. Muscular gorillas can lift ten times their weight. The gorilla can even win the battle with the tiger. Gorillas have powerful forelimbs because when walking they mostly rely on them.

The gorilla can even win the battle with the tiger

Gorilla in the native habitat

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1. The strongest animal on earth

So, the first place is occupied not by an elephant or even by an ant, but by an oribatida also known as moss mites or beetle mites. Where does this strong animal live? Go into the forest, sit down, look more closely at the surface of the earth. Here it is, a dark ball crawls less than a millimeter in diameter. Yes, not one, hundreds of them, thousands. On one square meter of the soil surface, up to 20,000 beetle mitess can be counted. Yes, there are about 6600 species in nature today.

By the way, this beast is very useful. The beetle mite feeds not on the blood of its neighbors, like some of its immediate relatives, but uses dead vegetation, turning it into an outlet, in fact, into fertile soil.

"So what's your power?" - We ask the beetle mites. And the strength is that this creature can raise weight 1180 times more than its own! It's as if an ordinary office worker could take in each hand a modern tank and start juggling with them.

So it turns out that, small does not mean weak at all!

This small creature can withstand a weight of 1180 times its own

Oribatida also known as moss mites or beetle mites, photo from

The strongest animal ever existed

Megalodon is considered the strongest and largest predator known to science at the moment.

The most terrifying predator that ever existed

It is difficult to imagine which creatures lived long before now, but fortunately, numerous finds allow it to be done. The first find, which confirmed the existence, was the teeth. Megalodon had more than 270 teeth, which had a notch (like a saw) and form five rows.

Incredible size of megalodon`s tooth

The tooth of a large white shark and the fossilized tooth of megalodon, photo from

Unfortunately, the full skeleton of megalodon was not found. Like all sharks, it consisted of cartilage, so it was not preserved. Only petrified teeth and vertebrae were found.

Remains of the Great Predator

The reconstructed skeleton of megalodon in the Calvert Sea Museum, Maryland, USA, photo from

Full-fledged remains, except for teeth and vertebrae, were not found, therefore, to evaluate the megalodon size, scientists are forced to resort to reconstructions, comparing it to a giant white shark.

Descendant of the white shark

Reconstruction of megalodon and white shark, photo from

It is generally believed that sharks are predators feeding on small animals. But megalodon, because of its huge size, powerful jaws, and teeth, preferred prey larger. The remains found to indicate that it fed on cetaceans - whales, bowhead whales, dolphins, sea pigs, sirens, sea turtles.

A large number of bones of whales, found to date, have evident traces of deep scratches, as if from large teeth. Scientists are sure that these are traces of Megalodon's teeth. Moreover, next to such remains, were the teeth themselves.

All sharks in the hunt use a sophisticated strategy. But megalodon was an exception to this: because of the size of the body, he could not develop high speed, had a limited supply of endurance. Most likely, he hunted, using only ambushes, waiting for the prey.

There are versions that he could go on ramming, then he killed and ate the victim. B. Kent believes that having such huge teeth, the ancient fish tried to break the bones to damage the vital organs in the chest, which indicates its incredible strength.

Megalodon is considered the strongest and large predator

Of course, because of different weight categories, we will not put on the ring, say, a deer beetle against an elephant or a rhinoceros - it is unlikely that in this situation we will be able to contemplate the spectacle of an exciting battle and honestly determine the winner.

All these creatures are amazing, but only one is considered the strongest animal in the world and only one that ever existed.

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