Serena Williams and Drake relationship history

Serena Williams and Drake relationship history

The superstars Drake and Serena Williams definitely know each other and are good friends. Many fans are still wondering if there was something more than just friendship between the famous rapper and the remarkable tennis player. Were they in a romantic relationship? Let’s find out together! Here is Serena Williams and Drake relationship history.

Serena Williams and Drake relationship history
Serena Williams and Drake, photo from

Serena Williams and Drake

Before we move on, we will have a brief look at the achievements of two stars. Drake, whose full name is Aubrey Drake Graham, comes from Canada. He is one of the most popular hip-hop/R&B singers and rappers of our time. Drake released five studio albums, which have become extremely successful, brought him prestigious awards and made him rich.

Serena Williams, on the other hand, got famous because of her outstanding tennis victories. Together with her sister Venus Williams, she rightfully rules the world of tennis. They both have broken a lot of records and became the household names when it comes to sports. Serena Williams is a tennis legend. What would she have in common with the Canadian rapper? If you are asking yourself a question “Are Drake and Serena Williams together?”, then you should proceed further.

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Serena Williams and Drake
Serena Williams and Drake, photo from

Serena Williams and Drake relationship

Neither people nor media are exactly certain about how Drake and Serena Williams met. However, they are both famous people, so it would make sense that they could have first met each other at some event for celebrities. It is known for sure that Drake quickly became a big fan of Serena Williams. It happened in 2011. He was often spotted watching her tennis games from the stands and cheering for her. The paparazzi caught the Canadian rapper at Serena’s games so many times that they became suspicious whether he is a fan of tennis or a fan of Serena in particular.

For a long time, the rumors about their involvement had no basis. But soon, Drake gave the media a valid reason to speculate about his romance with Serena Williams. He posted a suggestive tweet on his Twitter page, where he told Serena that he is looking forward to “making her sweat during their match the following weekend”. The media had a hard time interpreting this message as something other than the romantic relationship between the rapper and tennis player. Therefore, the pair started getting more attention from the various news outlets, who tried to catch them in action and prove that they are dating.

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Drake’s admiration for Serena Williams became evident when he used her name in the lyrics for his track “Worst Behaviour” from the album “Nothing Was The Same”. Except that, the hot-headed rapper had a feud with the ex-boyfriend of Serena Williams, the rapper Common, who she broke up with in 2010. It started after Common recorded a diss track which was most definitely meant for Drake, and contained a hint that the Canadian superstar was “soft”. However, Drake did not rest for long – he hit back at Common in the interview, and then recorded a diss track in return. The most interesting thing about this entire feud between two rappers was that it was actually over Serena Williams. Common later confirmed that he recorded this track because he was jealous of Drake’s relationship with Serena Williams. He said that it made him too emotional and at the time he would never admit it, but he could not get over Drake and Serena’s growing romance that easily.

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When Drake was asked about the nature of his relationship with the living legend of tennis, he spoke very highly of Serena and praised her. He said that he loves her and cares for her a lot. He called her incredible and confessed that he is proud of knowing her. He also added that he enjoys seeing her play tennis, and she is always very impressive on the court. In conclusion, Drake confirmed that they are both involved in each other’s lives, even though he did not clarify whether they are just close friends or there is something more.

Drake on Serena's game
Drake supporting Serena on her game, photo from

The rumors have cooled down until 2015 when Drake was spotted in London at one of the Wimbledon games. The rapper sat in the stands with her team, and there were reports that he spent some time with her after the game. On Instagram, Drake celebrated Serena's Wimbledon victory, posting the photo of her with the trophy and congratulating her on winning the tournament.

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Since then, it looked like their sparkle reignited, as Drake was regularly seen on Serena’s games again. Nevertheless, both sides were remained silent on their supposed romantic connection and did not comment on it. Still, the media would not stop until they manage to dig out a sensation about Drake and Serena, and soon enough, they succeeded. The rapper and the tennis player were photographed kissing in Cincinnati. Their passionate moment happened in the VIP section of the prestigious restaurant, where they probably thought they would escape from prying eyes. Within minutes, the footage of this moment was posted on the Internet, and the fans had an opportunity to witness their romance with their own eyes. Not long after, the two lovebirds were spotted kissing again – this time it was near the building that looked like a hotel or restaurant. Drake then walked Serena to the car that was waiting for her.

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While the discussions of their affair were still active, Drake dropped a freestyle for the Weeknd’s song “Tell Your Friends”. There were a lot of references to the sports and tennis in particular in the song, and the fans took it as another reminder of his relationship with Serena Williams. Speaking of Serena, paparazzi caught her having tea with Kim Kardashian, and some avid fans started theorizing that Drake was the one who introduced these ladies to each other.

During Serena’s match of the year, where she had to secure her title of the greatest tennis player of the generation, Drake was her support. However, after Serena lost the US Open semifinal, many people started blaming the famous rapper for her defeat and believing that he made the tennis star lose her focus. The pair then proceeded to leave the game together.

There were so many proofs that Serena and Drake have something going on between them. Even though they never confirmed anything, they never denied their connection either.

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Drake and Serena
Drake and Serena, photo from

Serena Williams boyfriend

Nowadays, it is clear that Serena is not romantic with Drake anymore. She has found a new love, and it looks like she wants it to be long-lasting. Serena Williams had been dating author and tech entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian for more than a year before they shocked everyone with the news that they are engaged. Their engagement took place in December 2016, and both Serena and Alexis decided to make it public on social media. The tennis star also showed off her beautiful diamond ring. In April 2017, Serena announced that she is pregnant and posted a touching video which made her baby bump clear. She also decided to take a break from tennis for a while.

In September 2017, Serena Williams gave birth to a beautiful girl whose name is Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. The same year, in November, Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian got married in a gorgeous expensive ceremony at Contemporary Arts Center. They seem like a really happy couple, who gave all their love and care to their lovely baby girl.

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Serena Williams and husband
Serena Williams and husband, photo from

Even if Serena Williams had some kind of a fling with Drake in the past, it is over because she is now a happy wife and mother.

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