Most successful club in England

Most successful club in England

Who hasn’t heard of Manchester United (Red Devils) or Liverpool (The Reds)? Even people who are not big fans of football (soccer) tournaments know how English clubs are famous all over the planet. Which one is the most successful club in England? Are you curious to find this out? Keep on reading, as we are about to discuss the most successful clubs in the last 10 years.

Most successful club in England

Is Liverpool the most successful club in England or is it Manchester United? You know that it is nearly impossible to be the winner for years and years in a row. However, some teams can manage to do this. At the same time, times go by, and everything can quickly change in the future. One day luck can be lost to someone’s else victory. Success is often a temporary trophy. Real sportsmen know the price for each win and understand that no victory is possible without a loss. When it comes to soccer teams and football clubs, experts decide on which is the most successful England football club in history by the number of medals won.

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We all know that Liverpool and Manchester United both can be named the most successful England football clubs in the history, but still, what FC has more trophies.

Most successful soccer team in England

Let us take a closer look at the most essential and key trophies in the history of English football, and we’ll find the answer which club has been doing better in the last 10 years.

Manchester United FC
Manchester United FC, photo from

Manchester United Football Club (MUFC)

After winning Europe League championship a year ago, this team can be officially named the most successful soccer team in England. Surely, this can change in the future if Liverpool or other teams keep winning the crucial matches and earning new trophies.

As for now, you should remember that the Red Devils is the most successful club in England for the last 10 years. It can boast the incredible 42 trophies, and all of these honors are impressive and really important in the history of soccer.

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MUFC exists since 1878 (it had a different name back then). It is the most successful football club in England, and it has ruled in the country for the most time within the last 10 (even 20) years.

Manchester United

Let us look at MUFC main victories:

  • League victories – 20 awards
  • League Cups – 5 awards
  • FA Cup – 12 victories
  • Champions League – 3 awards
  • Europe League – 1 victory
  • World Cup – 1 victory
  • Total titles - 42

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Most successful club in England Liverpool

Liverpool Soccer Team (LFC)

Being founded back in 1892, Liverpool has always been one of the most successful clubs in England. Its main rivalry is MUFC. Thus, once Manchester United led World Cup match and got the striking prize, the number of awards earned by that team became higher than the total of foremost honors awarded to Liverpool soccer players.

Let us look at the main titles awarded to Liverpool Reds:

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  • League victories – 18 awards
  • League Cups – 8 awards
  • FA Cup – 7 victories
  • European awards – 5
  • UEFA Cup – 3 victories
  • Total titles - 41
Most successful club in England in history

To understand which England football club is the most successful in history, it is better to list the top 5 teams that won numerous significant awards in the history of soccer:

  1. Manchester United (42 titles)
  2. Liverpool (41 titles)
  3. Arsenal (30 titles)
  4. Chelsea (22 titles)
  5. Aston Villa (20 titles)

From the list, we can conclude that the difference in only one title makes Manchester United FC the best club in England, but a small effort of Liverpool can change the picture, and two famous football clubs can swap places.

Still, both Manchester United and Liverpool are two most successful England football clubs in the history of soccer, if not to consider too precisely the difference in one title. They both have been implausible for the last 10 years, and they might keep their champion statuses for many more years in the future.

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Which one of the two teams do you love the most?

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