It’s an abomination to call your husband by his pet name, address him as my lord - Pastor says

It’s an abomination to call your husband by his pet name, address him as my lord - Pastor says

- A Nigerian pastor has advised wives to desist form addressing their husbands by their names or pet names

- The pastor also stated that wives should address their husbands as my king or my lord

- He stated that when wives treat their husbands as kings that's the only way they can be treated as queens

Chris Ojigbani, a Nigerian pastor who describes himself as a relationship expert, has shared a word of advice for married couples. The pastor advised women that it is an abomination to call heir husbands by their names or pet names.

In a teaching tagged 'How women can become the queen', the pastor was heard calling unto the women in his congregation to stop addressing theor husbands by names and pet names.

He also advised wives to call their husbands my king or my lord. The pastor stated that respecting their husbands this way is the only way wives can be treated as queens in their homes.

It’s an abomination to call your husband by his pet name
It’s an abomination to call your husband by his pet name, address him as my lord - Pastor says Photo source: Facebook user Chris Ojigbani

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The pastor further stated ways in which a women can show her husband more respect by showing him he is the king in his household.

Ojigbani who seemed to have received a lot of backlash after the video of the teachings went viral, later came out to defend the statement he made. He stated that his teachings were backed up by the scripture.

Read his comment below:

"It's amazing how many wives and unmarried women refused to accept the simple teaching in the video above where I taught wives how to become queen in their marriage.

In the video, I simply asked wives to make their husbands king if they want to become queen. And to do that, I explained you must respect him by calling him King or lord and by serving him food like a king. But it's so unfortunate that some of the women are arguing the teaching and insulting me as well.

After much consideration, I decided to ignore the insults and help you with further explanations. And I will like to start by asking a question. Is there anything wrong in asking a wife to respect her husband? Any woman who doesn't respect the husband is actually disobeying the word of God, which says that wives should respect their husbands (Ephesians 5:22). It's also interesting to note that any disobedience of the Word of God is a sin. If your husband doesn't treat you well, he has committed a sin and will have a question to answer before God on the judgement day.

So, if you disrespect your husband because he doesn't treat you well, you will also have a question to answer on the judgement day. It's also important you note that you should respect your husband unconditionally. You don 't respect your husband because he treats you well. In Christianity, respect is not reciprocal. In the world, respect is reciprocal but in Christianity, respect is sacrificial.

I also noticed that many wives commented they would never call their husbands lord. But the Bible tells us that Sarah called Abraham lord (1Peter 3:6). If Sarah called her husband lord, what makes you feel you are too big to call your husband lord? Apart from the fact that Sarah called Abraham lord, is there any other scripture that says the husband is the lord of his wife? Yes, Ephesians 5:22 says that you should respect your husband as lord. Verse 23 of the same chapter also says that your husband is your head just as Christ is the head of the church.

So, my teaching is scriptural! And I didn't write the Bible. The teaching is very clear and simple. Apart from the fact that the teaching in the video is scriptural, what wrong have I done to ask you to respect your husband? I didn't ask you to respect me, but to respect your husband. Some of you respect pastors so much but have no respect for your husband. Some of you don't call your pastors by their names but call your husband by his name. One lady even commented that she must call her husband by his name because she calls Jesus by His name.

Kindly check the scripture and you will find out that no disciple of Christ called Him Jesus Christ. Some may have referred to Him as Jesus when talking about Him to people, but when talking to Him directly, they called Him Master, Rabbi, Son of David, etc.

The previous week, I published a video, where I rebuked only husbands and many women applauded the teaching. But because the teaching in this video advises wives, the same women are angry. One of the women even commented that my teaching is an African teaching. Please note that there is nothing African about the teaching.

The teaching is directly based on scripture, and the scriptural references are Ephesians 5:22-25 and 1Peter 3:1-6. It will interest you to note that the teaching that supports equality of husband and wife is based on western culture. The Bible does not support equality of a husband and wife. It, however, supports equality of a man and woman, but not a husband and wife. It's different in marriage. A woman may be the head of a big organisation but her husband is still her head.

The Bible clearly says that the husband is the head (Ephesians 5:23). You can't be equal with your head. There is no scripture that supports equality of husband and wife. Rather western culture supports it. Unfortunately, there is a mix up of western culture and scriptural doctrines. Many people practise western cultures, thinking they are practising scriptural doctrines.

Having said this, I want you to know that I don't support the maltreatment of wives. God forbid! The teaching in the video was just to help wives become queen in their marriages. If you listen to the full message, you will see how I rebuked husbands. I actually rebuke husbands more because wives are weaker vessels. But I want you to know there is no other way of becoming a queen in your marriage apart from making your husband the king.

For you to become a queen, your husband must first become the king. The message has been tested and proven. It works! From the comments I read, it's obvious that some of the ladies are bitter against their husbands. And I will like to beg you to take it easy with husband. He may be maltreating you, but you are also not treating him well. If you give him his due respect, you will be happy. The problem is usually who will become nice first.

I know that some people wrongly teach you that you are equal with your husband. They are deceiving you. Such teaching makes so much sense but cannot be found in the Bible. Apart from the fact that the Bible says wives should respect their husbands, it's clearly better to respect than to disrespect a person. Do not see me as your opponent. God called me to help Christians, irrespective of one's church or denomination. That explains why I don't pastor a church. W

Ives, I beg you to be respectful to your husbands. Be s*bmissive to your husband as the Bible teaches us. You can't be disrespectful to your husband and still pray to God. Any wife who disrespects the husband has no relationship with God. A man, on the other hand, who maltreats the wife has no relationship with God.

My teaching may be hard but it's the truth. We live in a time that people have itchy ears but I teach only what you should know. I don't teach what you want to hear but what you should hear. If your husband has annoyed you so much, please forgive him and have a fresh start with him. Put into practice my teaching, and your husband will make you his queen. You can't be happy in the marriage if your husband is not happy. Make him happy and become the happiest wife on earth. When I teach husbands, I rebuke them as well. But now, I am speaking to wives

Respecting your husband does not mean you are a slave. Rather, it cements your relationship better. I also want you to know that you cannot modernise marriage.

Marriage is an old-fashioned institution and must be practiced in an old-fashioned way. Any attempt to modernise it will destroy it. Jesus Christ said that if you put a new wine into an old wineskin, it will bust.

The marriage system has “busted” because we are attempting to practise it with new marriage doctrines. We must go back to the scripture and practise only scriptural doctrines if we want to restore our marriage system. I would have explained further to you but I feel that I have already said enough."

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