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What is fashion photography?

What is fashion photography?

Fashion, style, trend… all these words are so captivating. It often seems that anything related to fashion is worth your attention. Why is fashion photography so mysteriously attractive? What are fashion images all about? What is fashion photography in the first place? Read our post to find out the answers to all these questions and even more.

Example of fashion photography

Many glamorous top models became successful thanks to their portfolios which were created by famous fashion photographers. This type of photography is probably the most prominent compared to other genres. It is fully focused on style, fashionable accessories, and fashion apparels. It captures the beauty of clothes, shoes, women, and men in trendy apparel and amazing stories that are stylized using specific photo technique.

Styles of fashion photography

Fashion images can be easily divided into 4 groups:

  • catalog photos
  • editorial images
  • street photos
  • high fashion photographs

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the styles because fashion photography has many similar features.

Editorial fashion photography example

Editorial photos

Do you read fashion magazines? Many of us adore the beautiful photos featured on every page of these publications. Don’t women and men look mysteriously attractive there? Don’t you fall in love with some styles and wish to get the featured wardrobe, hairdo, and shoes asap? Editorial images often tell us a story. You wouldn’t mind being that character in these types of shots, would you?

Street fashion photography example

Street fashion

This style is all about random fashionistas captured on the streets. Models are typical people who stand out with their personal style, pose and the way they present the latest trends in public.

High fashion photography example

High fashion

This is a special style of fashion photography used by well-known fashion brands and apparel labels. It is closer to real art than regular photography. The top models, famous actresses, popular actors are often captured in extravagant poses that look so far-from-reality and way-too-extreme. At the same time, the images are a perfect combination of style, makeup, light, and location.

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Catalog image

Catalog images

Catalogs are popular among customers who are choosing products based on the images provided by the company that sells them. Such photos are mostly taken on a white background to put focus on the product itself and show the close details of the dress, pants, top, sweater, coat, shoes etc. The goal of catalog fashion photography is to provide consumers with as many details as possible and present the product’s best sides to result in as many sales as possible.

History of fashion photography

Short history of fashion photography

When did fashion photography begin? It is believed that the first book that featured nearly three hundred images of women gowns was published in the middle of the 19th century. It was the creation by French photographer Adolphe Braun that began the history of fashion photo shoots.

The new idea of taking close shots of wedding, evening and party dresses and other clothes developed through the 19th and 20th century. Photographers used their amazing art to promote fashion and style. This same concept is still used in the 21st century. However, it grew into a big industry that creates trends and style tips followed by millions of people from all over the world.


Never-ending fun

Now you understand what fashion photography is. However, fashion and style are all about your personal taste. What is fashion? This is the trend in apparel, hairstyle, color, style that is loved and followed by millions. It quickly changes and while its mystery can be explained by various factors, the mystery of fashion photography is something very personal and fragile.

This genre of photography is a huge industry that creates eye-catching shots not only to impress but also to make sales. It requires the right ‘vision,’ brilliant ‘eye,’ and outstanding skills to create remarkable photos for editorials, high fashion brands, and catalogs. It never stops searching for new ideas, unexpected solutions, and never-ending fun.

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