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Facts about populism and countries that practice the system of government

Facts about populism and countries that practice the system of government

Populism has been described as a political approach which disrupts existing social order through the mobilisation of animosity of the "common man" or "the people" against "privileged elites" and the "establishment".

Many countries like the United States of America witnessed the populist approach when the current president of the country, Donald Trump rode to victory

1. Populism appeals to people because it looks as if it represents opposition to the elites, and it offers simple solutions to complex political problems.

2. Leaders who are populists in nature uses blatant, alternative and half truths to drive home their points and gain followers from discontented citizens.

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3. As a result of populism, people may believe in lies because they interpret the available information according to their own ideological perspectives.

4. In populism, when one does not understand politics, it is easier to cling to simple solutions. Both politicians and the media should clearly explain complicated issues – such as social and health care reform – so that people truly understand what such processes involve.

5. Populism offers only short term solutions. For example, when a populist party rises to power and becomes a party of government, it usually rapidly loses support.

6. The voters of populist parties may become disillusioned and are likely to vote for a different party in the following elections. However, after a while, the party may rise again.

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