Turkey closes border to Americans as row escalates

Turkey closes border to Americans as row escalates

- The country of Turkey no longer recognises the US ambassador to Ankara

- Also the Turkish government says it has suspended the processing of visas in its embassy and consulate in the US

- The row escalated after the US announced it was suspending the processing of all non-immigrant visas in Turkey

As the row between Turkey and the US escalates, the Turkish government says it no longer recognises the US ambassador to Ankara.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced this on Tuesday, October 10, following the row sparked by the arrest of a US consulate employee.

Erdogan referring to John Bass, the ambassador during a news conference while on a trip to Serbia, said: “We do not recognise him as the representative of the U.S. in Turkey, I say this quite openly. We did not start this problem."

On Sunday, October 8, the US stopped offering non-immigrant visa services in Turkey, citing security concerns. Hours later, Turkish missions in the US took a similar step and also froze US passport holders out of an electronic visa system.

A member of staff of the U.S. consulate in Istanbul was arrested last week. He is the second U.S. member of staff arrested this year, while a third employee is being sought for questioning and his family members are being held in custody.

Turkey's alleged focus on anti-American rhetoric in the media, notably in pro-government circles is part of the grievances the US has.

Erdogan says the sharp deterioration in relations was caused by Bass, who will soon take up a post in Afghanistan, after being appointed to Kabul by President Donald Trump.

According to The Guardian, Bass said the arrest of the US consulate employee arrested last week, “has raised questions about whether the goal of some officials is to disrupt the long-standing cooperation” between Washington and Ankara.

“At this time, we can’t predict how long it will take to resolve this matter,” Bass said.

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Meanwhile, US Department of Defence the Pentagon, told reporters a diplomatic dispute between the countries has not affected military operations or personnel out of Turkey.

“I can confirm that these developments have not impacted our operations or personnel.

“The Turkish air force base in Incirlik continues to fulfill an important role supporting NATO and coalition efforts.

“Turkey was a close NATO ally and the U.S. would continue to coordinate joint and separate military activities with Ankara," spokesman for Pentagon, Robert Manning, a colonel, said.

Meanwhile, the Comptroller-General of Customs, retired Col.Hameed Ali and Turkish Ambassador to Nigeria, Hakan Cakil, have agreed to cooperate to stop the export of harmful items into both countries.

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Ali announced this in a statement by the service public relations Officer, Joseph Attah, on Tuesday, September 26, in Abuja.

Attah said the meeting was held due to concerns expressed by the general public over the recent seizures of pump actions riffles imported from Turkey.

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