How to activate MTN transfer PIN code (step-by-step guide)

How to activate MTN transfer PIN code (step-by-step guide)

What is MTN transfer PIN code? How to activate MTN transfer PIN code? How can I reset my MTN transfer PIN code? Read this post to find out the answers to all these questions.

MTN transfer PIN code
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MTN transfer code reset

Today the role of a mobile phone in a person's life can hardly be overestimated. With this compact device, we can quickly contact our relatives and friends, work colleagues at any time to find out the information we are interested in. At the same time, you do not need to strain your memory and remember the phone of an old acquaintance who has not been dialed for a long time, a mobile phone's notebook is always at hand.

MTN transfer PIN is required to complete airtime transfer. The MTN transfer PIN is a four digit code which you need to send a credit to your friend on the MTN network. We propose you two possible ways how you can activate your new MTN transfer PIN.

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It is always safer to change your MTN transfer code from the default code to a new code. This will prevent anyone from just picking up your phone and transferring your credit to their phone.

To reset your MTN transfer PIN code, you have to send a message to 777 in the format below.

  1. Text ‘Default PIN’ ‘New PIN’ New PIN’ to 556. For example, if you want to change the Default PIN to 1234 as your new PIN text '0000 1234 1234' to 777.

2. Another option to change/activate you new transfer PIN code is to dial *600*Default PIN*New PIN* and send this message. For example, dial *600*0000*1234*1234# and then send/ok.

We hope this information was useful for you and explanatory enough. You can check some of our other articles for learning about other services.

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