5 Africans reveal the things Nigeria is known for on the continent

5 Africans reveal the things Nigeria is known for on the continent

What is Nigerian known for across the world? The answer to that question is definitely more than one thing. Sadly, there is a stereotype of them as a people known for 'sharp' practices.

However, coming back to the continent of Africa, what are Nigerians known for among other countries? The question was asked on Quora and Legit.ng collated a list of the things they are most known for:

1. Cindy Adem, a Kenyan lady had this to say:

"I think some of the biggest brains in Africa come from Nigeria. Some of the worst scammers in Africa also come from Nigeria. Some of the most hardworking, resilient people come from Nigeria. Some of the most over-the-top romantic men in Africa also come from Nigeria."

2. Ronnie Otieno, a Kenyan man says:

"Nigerians have the best music in Africa. Sometimes I don't get the lyrics but the beats keeps me dancing. Nigerians and probably many countries in West Africa have some serious scammers.

"Lagos is the most populous city in Africa. Some parts can be so good, rich and clean and some are slums. The slum built on water. Their accent is easily recognized.

"But their government doesn't score high in transparency. Corruption is rampant."

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3. Sonkarlay Vaye had this to say of Nigerians:

"I have spent a lot of time around Nigerians. Judging from the ones I've met, this is my opinion. Nigerians are very entrepenureal. Of all the west African states it's no surprise that Nigerians have built the largest and most successful indigenous companies.

"They are very serious about education. Almost all of the Nigerians that I know are college educated and many have multiple degrees.

"They are also confident. There is nothing they cannot acomplish and some of them will confidently tell you this.

" Lastly, they are very intelligent and love to debate."

4. Danette Morara, a Kenyan had this to say about Nigeria:

"It is a country with a lot of people... Largest population in Africa but not among those with largest land sizes. You get to hear lots of opinion about them such as... They are con artists, deceiptful...

"But my personal opinion is that in a society that huge you expect to have all kinds of characters. As an East African...specifically Kenyan i find their culture and way of life interesting. I'd like to get to know it.

"Being Bantu, I can relate to and understand most east and southern African tribes but western Africa is quite different."

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5. Antho Sito Djeguede who lives in Central African Republic said:

"Nigerians are strong in everything- population, movies, music, criminality, science, not winning against the rebels. Well, Nigeria is like the other African countries times ten."

Meanwhile, the Buhari Media Support Group has called on Nigerians to join hands to condemn the massive looting of the nation’s treasury by officials of previous administrations.

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It expressed belief that the loot traced to the former minister was a “far cry’’ from what she and others in the past governments pilfered from the national treasury.

Watch this Legit.ng video where a young Nigerian is making the country proud:

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