NIIT courses and fees in Nigeria: Exploring the programs offered

NIIT courses and fees in Nigeria: Exploring the programs offered

The National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) is a multinational education organisation. It mainly deals with information and computer technology and corporate IT solutions. The organisation has a branch in Nigeria, and all potential students should learn more about the current NIIT courses and fees.

Updated information about NIIT courses and fees
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Did you know the NIIT headquarters are in Gurgaon, India? This organisation has helped numerous people to achieve their career goals and dreams. Discover all NIIT courses and fees today.

NIIT courses and fees

NIIT is one of the world's leading training companies. It has a wide array of talent development programmes. Established in 1981, the organisation helps the nascent information & technology industry overcome its human resource challenges.

The organisation has a footprint across 40 nations. It offers training and development solutions to institutions, enterprises, and individuals.

NIIT set up education centre in Ikeja, Lagos, in 1999. Today, it has at least 20 operational centres in different regions of the country. Learn more about various NIIT courses and their fees in Nigeria below.

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Courses offered

Below is a list of the courses offered by NIIT.

  • Machine Learning with R (R)
  • Internet of Thing (IOT)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Power Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation - Big Data (DIGINXT - BIG DATA)
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation - Java Enterprises Apps with DevOps
  • Data Analytics
  • Python
  • Software Engineering - DIGINXT- MMS
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation - Digital Marketing
  • MMS- Infrastructure Management
  • Web Development
  • Block Chain
Latest information about NIIT courses and fees
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NIIT offers futuristic, cutting-edge digital transformation programmess aligned with the needs expressed in the contemporary industry.

Details of the NIIT fees for self-sponsored students remain undisclosed in the public domain. In Nigeria, the organisation offers scholarships.

Scholarship assistance is normally offered to deserving students across various disciplines. They can be school leavers, undergraduates, graduates, and any other group willing to enhance their technical skill sets.

The NIIT scholarship has benefitted about 1.9 million Nigerian students in the past two decades. In the last couple of years, NIIT has offered the latest IT programmes mapped to the industry requirement and international vendor certifications 100% free.

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Applications for NIIT scholarships are open every year. Interested persons can apply once the organisation announces openings.

Why choose NIIT

NIIT is an IT education organisation with a notable presence in at least 40 countries across the world. Below are the reasons you should consider joining for a course.

  • It offers the latest technology digital transformation training programmes that meet the needs expressed in Nigeria's IT industry.
  • It offers a project-based learning methodology.
  • It has highly experienced and certified instructors.
  • It offers the necessary learning resources for all students.
  • It has globally recognised certification.
  • It is a global leader in IT training and Africa’s largest information and technology training provider.
  • In 2018, it was recognised as India’s Most Trusted Brand – IT Training by Trust Research Advisory (TRA).
Information about NIIT courses and fees
A person holding a smartphone while using a laptop. Photo:, @Christina Morillo
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What is the full meaning of NIIT?

NIIT is an acronym for the National Institute of Information Technology. This multinational organisation has its headquarters in India.

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What are the courses offered at NIIT?

NIIT offers various IT courses, including Machine Learning with R, Internet of Thing, Artificial Intelligence, Power Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Python.

What is the fees for NIIT?

The fees for NIIT Nigeria remains unclear in the public domain. However, the organisation offers scholarships to Nigerians every year.

What is the best course at NIIT?

The best course to pursue is in line with your dreams and desires. The organisation offers multiple IT-related courses. Check out the list above.

What are the current NIIT Port Harcourt courses and fees?

Nigeria has at least 20 NIIT education centres. It is wise to visit the Port Harcourt centre or other centres to check out the programmes offered and the current fee structure.

Finding out information about various NIIT courses and fees is necessary for all prospective students who wish to pursue IT-related courses. The institution is among the world's leading IT training providers.

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