Is wrestling real or acting? Settling the debate once and for all

Is wrestling real or acting? Settling the debate once and for all

Wrestling fans have become emotionally hooked to the sport, with some adoring their favourite stars like John Cena, The Rock, Undertaker, Roman Reins, and many more. While wrestling seems entertaining and captivating, one question that seems to lack a concrete answer is, "Is wrestling real or acting?"

is wrestling real
Wrestlers fighting (studio shot). Photo: Ryan McVay
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If you watch wrestling for the first time, you may ask whether wrestling is fake, scripted, or real. While it is complicated to get the right answer, you can end the entire debate by looking at all the aspects involved in this much-followed sport.

Is wrestling real or acting?

Like Hollywood movies or TV shows, wrestling is a scripted sport with predetermined match results and a pre-written storyline, and wrestlers must follow the script while keeping it super-entertaining.

When discussing professional wrestling, it's impossible to ignore World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the industry's largest and most well-known promotion. The WWE is often at the centre of the debate surrounding the authenticity of wrestling.

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Is WWE wrestling real or acted?

While WWE superstars undoubtedly possess incredible athletic abilities, the outcomes of their matches are scripted. Wrestlers work together to choreograph the action, ensuring a safe and entertaining performance for the audience.

It also means wrestlers stay in their true characters that their fans know them for. Professional WWE wrestlers always strive to maintain certain personas when interacting with their fans.

how real is wwe wrestling
The Usos wrestles Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens for the Undisputed WWE tag team championship during WrestleMania Goes Hollywood at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. Photo: Ronald Martinez
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How real is WWE wrestling?

Several companies have tried to put up their wrestling competitions, but none have come close to WWE. That means while wrestling might have some fake elements, at least professional wrestlers understand their assignment and work towards creating an entertaining match.

For instance, some wrestlers, such as John Cena and Roman Reigns, are considered good or heroic, while others, like Undertaker, are considered dangerous or bad.

Wrestlers must maintain their kayfabe while on stage to keep things as real as possible. For example, in most cases, John Cena was seen fighting against evil to keep his good-guy character.

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How real is wrestling itself?

Although the wrestling storyline might be scripted, what remains real are the wrestlers themselves and their actions in the ring. Most fans are thrilled by their stars' kicks, punches, wrestling garments, and defence tactics.

Wrestlers also end up in hot situations with blood, bruises, and sweat. All these are real aspects visible in any sport. Moreover, unlike movie actors who have stuntmen to take their risky parts, professional wrestlers do not have stuntmen and expose themselves to all the potential risks involved in the ring.

Is wrestling real or fake?

While wrestling may not be a legitimate sporting competition, it is "real" in the sense that the performers' physicality, athleticism, and dedication are genuine. Wrestlers endure gruelling training regimens, suffer real injuries, and put on physically demanding performances night after night. Their athleticism is very much a reality.

How much of wrestling is real?

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The degree of realness in wrestling can vary. Some promotions lean more heavily into the scripted aspect, while others emphasize athleticism and competitiveness. Independent wrestling promotions, for example, often focus more on in-ring competition and fewer elaborate storylines.

Which wrestling is real?

is wrestling real or fake
Oil wrestlers compete during the 18th Traditional Bahcelievler Oil Wrestling in Istanbul, Turkiye. Photo: Cem Tekkesinoglu/Anadolu Agency
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When discussing real wrestling, in the context of legitimate competitive sports, amateur wrestling and Olympic-style wrestling, such as freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, are considered real wrestling.

Is wrestling real or acted?

Professional wrestling is not real, as seen in promotions like WWE, AEW, and others. It is scripted and choreographed, with predetermined outcomes and storylines.

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