Ogboni wants my son’s head

Ogboni wants my son’s head

54-year-old Chris Obi in search of riches decided to join the Ogboni confraternity but 15 years after his initiation, he realized he could only get what he wanted so badly if he surrenders that which is dear to him, his first son.

Obi who is based in Onitsha, Anambra State was once a machine operator with a firm in Onitsha before his friends who are members of the group encouraged him to stake all he has to join and that's how he became wealthy.

While giving account of his initiation into the cult, Obi said he was given a blood-like liquid in a calabash to drink and a ring on his hand as a mark that he would keep the secrets of the society, which he is now determined to break and damn the consequence.

To reassure himself that he was on the right path, Obi would use some of the magical powers given him through rings and handkerchief. He hypnotized people to do his bidding. The handkerchief enables him to cheat sellers by getting them hypnotized.

But he was not satisfied and wanted more wealth. He was told that he had to sacrifice his first son.

He had run into one of the members of the society with whom I had been initiated the same time and he had become stupendously rich. When he asked him how he did it, the man confessed to have sacrificed his first son and thereafter, he continued to kill his other unborn male children from his wife.

The confession of his colleague dropped the scale from his eyes and then it dawned on him that he needed to take a decision to proceed and do likewise or take a walk. He eventually chose the latter. His decision to quit the secret society has not helped as he claimed that leaders of the group have been all out to destroy him.

He said at the point he was almost relaxing it was all over, the cult struck. He was involved in a minor accident and it got his legs swollen and the legs continued to swell the more, defying all kinds of treatment. Until eventually,  he attended the crusade of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries at Mgbidi where he eventually got his deliverance from their attack.

Source: Legit.ng

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