Nollywod Actress, Chita Agwu Says 'My Smile Alone Can Make You Fall'

Nollywod Actress, Chita Agwu Says 'My Smile Alone Can Make You Fall'

Nollywood actress, Chita Aguwu who started acting in 2009 has featured in over 40 movies talks about how it has been after loosing her mother, the kind of man that can rock her world.

Despite having a jollyride with her career, things have not always been all rosy for Chita.  She recently had an accident with her car, lost her mum but as they say, tough times never last, tough people do. 


On how she has been coping without your mum: she says "It hasn’t been easy because I see her everyday in my dreams. I just had to let go, but it has made me to stop frequenting home as I used to. I feel it’s no use going home since she’s not there. It’s not funny at all, I miss her everyday. It’s just that she departed from this world, but she’s still living".

On how she handles male advances "Very simple; I listen to you. I don’t insult you because I’m not a rude person. I just listen to what you have to say".

On what it will take a man to date her "There is nothing a man can give to me. I like someone who is honest and cute, because I don’t like ugly guys. If you also have the fear of God in you, even if you don’t have money, though I know money is important, I would consider. But, looking at me, there is no way God would not bless me with someone who has money".

On acting nude in movies "I can never be nude. I can be sexy or half naked; you don’t have to be completely nude to get a man. When I enter a place, if I see who’s going to toast me, I’ll know. My smile alone can make you fall. I have a very wonderful smile".


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