All you need to know about Rukky Sanda

All you need to know about Rukky Sanda

Popular Nollywood actress, Rukky Sanda has made a name for herself in the movie industry.

Despite controversies and rumours, she has continued to forge ahead. So much has been said about this fair-complexioned beauty but this piece, we will carefully sieve out the rumours from the facts and touch on several aspects of her life including her career, her background, preferences and other interesting issues.

• The name Rukky was derived from her real name Rukayat. She graduated from the Lagos State University where she studied Banking and Finance. The most important individuals in Rukky Sanda’s life are members of her family. She is her father’s 10th child but the last child in the family and she has two step mothers.

• She considers herself a very business-minded person and has always been thrilled by being able to make money as an actress and as a movie producer. The first movie she ever produced was titled ‘Lethal Woman’. Rukky Sanda admits that if she could turn back the hands of time, she wouldn’t release her first movie as she does not consider it her best work. One of the things she regrets about her first movie was the fact that she copied the storyline of a foreign movie she had seen, which she considers a very naïve thing to do. She produces her movie under the brand name of her production company, Rukky Sanda Studios. She rarely sleeps when shooting a movie and when she has a need to sleep, it must be between the hours of 3:00am and 7:00am. She writes her scripts herself. She would rather pick the production arm of making a movie over any other. In addition to being a movie producer and actress, she also has experience as a movie director.

• Rukky Sanda believes a lot of professionals above 35 in the Nigerian movie industry are quite tough to work with especially individuals with technical expertise. “I’ve tried to work with older people and they feel like they know it all… older people don’t like to listen to suggestions,” she said.

• Before she began acting, she used to deal in the buying and selling of clothes and fashion accessories. To start her business back then, her father gave her a starting capital of N500, 000.• She has so many tattoos; she admits she doesn’t know how to begin counting them. She has a tattoo of her name in Arabic on her body. Have you ever guessed how many piercings Rukky Sanda has? Well, she has 7 piercings on her left ear, 6 on her right ear, 2 on her tongue and one on her belly. She feels incomplete without her piercings. She got her piercings from Lagos, London and Miami. She had her first piercing in 2008 in London and had her second piercing in New York. Her first piercing cost her about £80, which is about N20,000 while the second one cost her £20 less than the first.

• She affirms that she has never undergone a plastic surgery. She exfoliates as much as she can. She prefers to have body scrubs rather than dedication time for the spa. She affirms that her fashion style is largely dependent on her mood. She sometimes get very daring with her choice of clothes and has little regard for what people say about her sometimes daring fashion preferences.

• Rukky Sanda considers marriage a very beautiful thing. When it comes to relationships, Rukky Sanda believes love should not discriminate against a person’s religion. The first time she dated a male was in S.S.S 1 and this ended up being her first boyfriend. Her first real relationship was in the university and this happened in 1999 and she is usually quick to add that it didn’t work out. She was romantically linked to American singer Akon in 2007. Rukky Sanda does not believe in the practicality of ‘love at first sight’.

• She tries to put God first. Rukky Sanda admits that she might not be a practicing Muslim who prays five times a day but she remains a Muslim and despite being a Muslim, she cannot recite the Qur’an. She reads the Bible often and whenever she has to read it, she reads any random page she flips open. The part of the Bible she reads the most is the Book of Psalms. She endeavours to pray as much as she can; especially mornings and nights. As a Muslim, Rukky Sanda believes if love places her heart in the hands of a man outside her faith, she would go ahead with the union

• She officially ventured into movie production after her third time in a movie as an actress.

• The best advice Rukky Sanda has ever received came from her mum and in case you’re wondering what it was, she simply urged her daughter to be true to herself adding “…because at the end of the day, only you matters. Always remember where you come from. Don’t let anybody make you feel you don’t deserve what you have because you have been comfortable all your life.”

• She spends more time on Twitter than she does on Facebook.


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