Nigerian Singer, Niyola Reveals her Ideal Man

Nigerian Singer, Niyola Reveals her Ideal Man

First Lady of Empire Mate Entertainment (EME), Eniola Akinbo popularly known as Niyola in a recent interview reveals her ideal man.

In her words

I’m not in a relationship and I don’t like the phrase Mr Right. Any man that I would get involved with has to possess certain basic qualities. I have a strong personality so, my man must be confident. Any man who lacks self-confidence will not be able to live with a strong woman. He must also have the fear of God. This is very important and he must be intelligent. It also helps if he is good looking. Attraction is important in a relationship.

On being sexy

I have always been self-aware. I am a woman and have always been conscious of my body and the effect it has on the opposite sex. I am me and being sexy is innate. It is not something I do on purpose, it’s like breathing. I don’t know for a fact if it has helped increase my acceptability or made me marketable. I want to believe my music does all that for me.


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