PDP Advises Aregbesola To Sell Helicopter

PDP Advises Aregbesola To Sell Helicopter

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has advised Rauf Aregbesola, the governor of Osun state, to sell the helicopter in order to raise money to pay salaries of workers in the state.

PDP Advises Aregbesola To Sell Helicopter
Rauf Aregbesola, the governor of Osun state

The Punch reports that Diran Odeyemi, the director of media and strategy of the PDP in Osun state, gave the advice on June 7, Sunday, in Osoogbo.

In its statement, the party also called on the governor to “stop frivolous trips to Cuba”.

“What this administration told us was that the helicopter was to be used for surveillance, but we have since discovered that the machine is only serving the traveling needs of Mr. Aregbesola and his family. This remains one draining pipe that must be blocked.

“The governor and his aides should also forthwith stop travelling in chartered aircraft around the world. If President Muhammadu Buhari could be travelling on British Airways, even when aircrafts in Presidential fleet are available, there is need for Governor Aregbesola to borrow a leaf,” the statement read.

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The PDP accused the governor of wasting the state’s resources on arming of a youth group called “State Boys.”

The opposition party stressed that the people of the state place their hope on the members of the Osun state House of Assembly to check the ‘excesses of the governor’ in the interest of the masses.

“It is also fresh in our minds, the huge amount Ogbeni Aregbesola expended on the last Ekiti governorship poll, Lagos governorship poll, and the presidential project of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

“Also, a group of miscreants called ‘State Boys’ are being illegal armed and financed by government to unleash terror on many indigenes of the state by the ruling party.

“All these actions and many other wasteful spending led us to where we are now, which if they could be reversed, could bring financial reserves for the state.

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“But if Ogbeni Aregbesola will not treat this advise with disdain, and henceforth, begin to act as governor of all, we believe at least, he will be able to pay few months of the backlog of salaries owed workers and retirees.”

Reacting to the allegations, the governor described them as infantile, stressing that the PDP was seeking cheap publicity with their accusations. Aregbesola’s statement, issued by his media aide, Semiu Okanlawon, read the following:

“It is disheartening this is how degenerate PDP has become in their thinking process. They screamed ignorantly about two years ago that Osun procured a helicopter with a sum of N8 billion. We had asked them to find out the cost of a Boeing plane let alone a helicopter which was only leased and it was to beef up the Osun Swift Action Squad for its aerial surveillance. This was clear to all in the state that the helicopter was procured as part of the Rauf Aregbesola administration’s comprehensive security measures to drive criminals far away from the state."

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Further in his statement the governor stressed that the party’s accusations lack any evidence.

“It is obvious the PDP, after it has reached its final bus stop of defeat rigmarole, as typified by the Supreme Court decision of May 27, is merely looking for something to keep it relevant.

“The people of Osun need adequate security which PDP failed to provide throughout Nigeria in its 16 years of misrule. The People of Osun require good governance which the PDP could not give them. I therefore advise that shameful lies such as those Odeyemi cooked up again and threw to the media would not help the party. They would help sink it deeper.”

Earlier this week ,the Social Democratic Party, Osun state chapte, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to begin his war on corruption by probing Aregbesola’s administration for alleged financial recklessness.

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