9 Signs She Would Cheat On You

9 Signs She Would Cheat On You

We know that it is hard to predict another human being but if you are worried that your partner could be a potential cheat, then there are some signs you can look out for.

While these signs individually does not necessarily point to a cheater, if you notice three or more in your partner, then you need to keep your eyes open.

1. Insecurity: When a woman is insecure about herself and depends on approval of others to feel confident, then it is very likely that she could form inappropriate relationships with anyone who makes her feel better about herself. She becomes so obsessed with pleasing everyone and having them like her that she might find it difficult to draw the line.

2. Loves Attention: Just like the insecure woman, a woman who craves attention might end up going too far to get it. Does she make sure she is noticed everywhere she goes? Then it is very likely she is seeking attention from other men and would give in to temptation when push comes to shove.

3. Flirty: If a woman is very flirty and cannot have a clean conversation with any man, then it is likely she would cheat. If she is so used to flirting her way to getting whatever she wants, then she would not say no to much else.

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4. Addiction: Be it drugs or alcohol, a woman who is under the control of something else would have serious trouble controlling herself. Under the influence of any one of these vices, she might end up in the bed of another man.

5. Lies: You know how Nigerians believe that a liar would also become a thief, this also works for a cheat. When a woman finds it extremely easy to lie about things (even things that do not matter), then she does not really have the moral compass to desist from infidelity.

6. Feels Superior: Does she feel superior to you and make sure you know this? If she believes she deserves better and can do better than you, then she would definitely set about to prove it any chance she gets.

7. Drops Subtle Hints: You know what they say; "out of the abundance of the heart..." Well, if she drops subtle hints about cheating or imply that she does not consider cheating a big deal, then she must have had a few thoughts about it. She could drop these hints while you are having a conversation or watching a movie. She might even say it jokingly. But if she keeps doing this again and again, then you should definitely not ignore this.

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8. Unhappy: If she is unhappy in her relationship, it is very likely she would stray to find the happiness she seeks. If you notice your partner seems reserved on unhappy lately, it is time you had a talk with her and try to resolve whatever issues you might have.

9. Gut Feeling: Never ignore your instincts. You have them for a reason. When you have a strong feeling something is not right in your relationship, do not ignore this.


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