Nanny Who Kidnapped Orekoya Kids Arrested!

Nanny Who Kidnapped Orekoya Kids Arrested!

Yesterday, news broke that the three kidnapped Orekoya kids had been found without full information of how they were found.

The Lagos state commissioner of police, Kayode Aderanti, has said the police have arrested Mary Akinloye, the 23-year-old nanny who kidnapped three children in the Surulere area of Lagos state. Aderanti spoke just now on Channels TV programme, Sunrise Daily. The three kidnapped children were found in Lagos state where they were kidnapped. The commissioner of police in Lagos, Kayode Cornelius Aderanti, has told how they were found to Channels TV.

Mary Adebiyi, the nanny who abducted the Orekoya kids was arrested by operatives of SARS, led by Abba Kyari last night at Coker Estate, Shasha , Akowonjo, Lagos. The disguised nanny was arrested with her maid after she fled her home when she realized police operatives have closed in on her. The police say contrary to what she told her employer and the OLX portal, her real name is Funmilayo Adeyemi and she hails from Osun State. She had earlier claimed Oyo State to her cover tracts.

According to Police sources, Adebiyi is not new in the kidnapped business, she was the mastermind of the December, 2014 kidnap of two boys in the area.She runs a syndicate with others, who are still at large and effort is on to arrest the other members of the gang.

Vanguard reports that immediately the kidnapped case was reported, the SARS team swung into action, asking the Orekoyas to pay a fraction of the ransom into the account of an unnamed bank, said to have been opened in Oyo State. SARS investigation revealed a link between the contact number on the account and that of the nanny.

The kidnappers and her gang withdrew N400,000 from the account using the ATM as the Police set up surveillance on the account and calls on the mobile phones of members of the syndicate.

According to sources, all plans to lure nanny out of her den failed, but sensing danger, she quickly abandoned the children, which were found Tuesday night, thinking the discovery will get the SARS team off her trail but the police tighten the noose on her. Sensing danger, she hurriedly evacuated her home in Coker Estate and was on the verge of leaving town when the law enforcement agents finally caught her with her maid, Wednesday night. The Police are still on the trail of other members of the gang.

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The Commissioner of Police in Lagos however in a Channels TV interview said using the best technology available the police tracked the phone calls between the children's family and the kidnappers, and narrowed the kidnappers' location down to the Shasha area. When the kidnappers knew the police were on their trail, they abandoned the children in their hideout. The police were able to locate the house and rescued the children. When he was asked if the ransom was paid, the police commissioner said it had not been. In his words, he said:

Along the way, we have been tracking the phone number and we traced the number to Shasha area of Lagos state. The heat was on and the kidnappers knew we were almost on their trail. We used the best technology to get the location. They had to abandon the kids and ran away. No ransom was paid because we don't encourage ransoms being paid in such situation. When you are employing people you don't know, please run a detailed background check on the person and let the police be aware.''

Commissioner Aderanti said that most elites in Nigeria employ people they don't know and it is very disturbing! Watch the video below:


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