Top-5 Endangered Animals In Nigeria

Top-5 Endangered Animals In Nigeria

Endangered species are threatened by factors such as habitat loss, hunting, disease and climate change, and usually the endangered species have a declining population or a very limited range. Learn which animals are endangered in Nigeria and why. 

1. West African lion

In 1970 there were approximately 200,000 lions all over Africa. Now there are nearly 20,000. It was estimated that there are just 645 genetically distinct wild lions left in western and central Africa, with as few as 34 remaining in the whole terrirtory of Nigeria. Clusters of lions remain in Burkina Faso, Niger, the Central African Republic, Cameroon and Chad. In Ghana, The Ivory Coast and Togo there are already no lions left.

2. Cross River Gorilla

Gorillas who used to be the kings of jungle are now numbered at fewer than 300 in the forests of Nigeria and Cameroon. In 80th it was believed that this kind of primates has already become extinct. But later it has been learnt that they were still there. So there is still some chances for their lucky future.

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3. Cameroonian forest shrew

These tiny rats are also endangered species. They can be found in the Montane forests of Western Cameroon around Mount Oku and Lake Manengouba, and in Southeastern Nigeria in the Gotel Mountains or Adamawa Plateau.

4. White-throated guenon

The next vulnerable member of our list is a white-throated guenon. He is also called red-bellied monkey and the red-bellied guenon. These creatures live in rainforests or tropical areas of Nigeria and Benin. These monkeys eat fruits, small insects, leaves and crops. They live in small groups of 4 or 5. The white-throated guenon was once thought to be extinct due to constant hunting for their fur, as the animal has a unique red belly and white front legs. But a small group was found near the Niger River in 1988.

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5. Red-eared guenon

This kind of monkeys is also endangered. They can be found in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and Nigeria. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical forests. The reasons of its extinction are illegal hunting and pet trade.


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