Reader Appeals To Re-Elected Rauf Aregbesola Reader Appeals To Re-Elected Rauf Aregbesola

It's been over a month since the All Progressives Congress' candidate Rauf Aregbesola has won the governshorship election in Osun State. guest writer Onagbenga Ahunso appeals to Governor Aregbesola, advising him on future actions.

"The re-election of Rauf Aregbesola as governor of Osun State is not without few implications. The self-styled "Omoluabi" and the APC government must understand this. Those who voted for change on August 9 are too significant to ignore. Their fears must be allayed. If, of course, Rauf Aregbesola and his party mean well for the "State of Virtue".

"First, there is the fear that Rauf Aregbesola will end up spending his second term attending to his personal concerns. Rauf Aregbesola could rubbish whatever achievements he has recorded previously. This was the case under the immediate past administration of the state. Rauf Aregbesola should continue working on, improving his developmental projects.

"Next, neither he nor the APC should see his re-election as a victory of one religion over any others. Religious issues can be extremely volatile, especially when mixed with politics or administrative policies.

"Furthermore, the second term should not be considered the right time to implement obnoxious anti-workers policies. Those were introduced but tactically withdrawn in view of impending re-election. Some of them are: reduction in government workers’ retirement age and length of service, merging of schools and state-owned tertiary institutions, forceful retirement of workers on level 14 and above, imposing heavy taxes on salary earners and introducing other forms of taxes and rates etc. The bitter experiences of school administrators should not be allowed to continue. Grants should be released as and when due, not delayed or withheld.

"In addition, the policy of same uniform for all students in all the schools throughout the state is appalling, to say the least. Imagine that the students are exploiting the mix-up to commit atrocities of unimaginable dimension in schools other than their own because they cannot be recognized!

"Rauf Aregbesola should remember that the second term is not the time to take vengeance on those who chose not to vote for the APC. No voters should suffer from personal attacks, victimization, curses, or threats of  delayed salaries and stagnated promotion.

"And the final message for Governor Rauf Aregbesola and other APC enthusiasts. It was the people of Osun that did the voting. So the local politicians must not be sidelined. Nor the university/polytechnic graduates made cut grass for a mere pittance in the name of OYES [Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme]. What is needed from you and your APC government is dignifying jobs for the jobless.

"Rauf Aregbesola, since your re-election , everyone in Osun State has been praying  for God’s backing. We pray that your government will yield the desired fruits  of peace and prosperity for the populace."

How would you estimate the performance of Governor Rauf Aregbesola so far? What do you expect from his administration in their next four years in office?


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