Generator Fumes Kill Two In Bauchi

Generator Fumes Kill Two In Bauchi

Bauchi-Residents of Yelwa Makaranta, a suburb of Bauchi metropolis, Sunday, were throwing into confusion and mourning following the death of two middle aged men who died while working inside a well.

It could be recalled that in the month of February 12, 2012, three people lost their lives in Jahun quaters, a community in Bauchi State Capital, bring the total number of victims to five persons.

Vanguard gathered that the incident took place at the residence of one Alhaji Nuhu Dalhatu.

According to sources, Alhaji Nuhu gave the contract of cleaning the well to one 37 years old Ibrahim Jibrin because the well was dirty and has not been in use for two years.

It was further learnt that Ibrahim called his friend,  Usman Ali, age 35 years to assist him to clean the well through the use of a pumping machine that removes dirty water.

Tradegy however struck when Ibrahim decided to take into the well a generator that will power the pumping machine.

An eyewitness who pleaded anonymity said that when Ibrahim started the generator, he began to loose consciousness gradually because of the fumes emiting out of the generator and later fainted inside the well.

It was further said that tension began to mount when there was no movement of Ibrahim inside the well. The situation prompted his friend,Usman to go inside the well to save his dying friend, despite warning from neighbours not to go inside the well.

The matter took another dimension when Usman Ali who was already bringing out Ibrahin on his shoulder, also lost consciousness and fell back into the well, which resulted to the death of two of them.

One Dan Asabe Shehu who was lucky to survive the incident also attempted going inside the well, but when he saw he was loosing consciousness, he came out swiftly and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Men of the Bauchi Fire Service who got the wind of the incident and came to  scene and evacuated the two corpses inside the well to Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Teaching 


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