The Art of Racing in the Rain book vs. movie comparison

The Art of Racing in the Rain book vs. movie comparison

Chances are that when Garth Stein published his third novel titled 'The Art of Racing in the Rain', he did not anticipate that it would rise to become a New York bestseller, let alone imagine that Kevin Costner would become the narrator of Enzo, the narrator dog in the book. In addition to staying as a bestseller for three years, the book was turned into a Disney movie adaptation.

the art of racing in the rain summary

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As a native of Los Angeles, Garth lives in Seattle with his family. His family is proud of him for this achievement. His first and second novels got considerable recognition, but none outdid the third one which has been turned into a movie with the same title. The book and movie were both inspired by the author's love for dogs as well as his car racing hobby. Owing to the success of the novel and the fame his dog Enzo got, Garth, has since written a middle-grade adaptation of the same book titled 'Racing in the Rain: My Life as a Dog'.

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The Art of Racing in the Rain - what is it all about

The Art of Racing in the Rain is a story that may sound like an instructional manual of getting through a rainy car race. Far from it though, this heart-filling and emotional story is about getting through the challenges that life throws your way as they will come with turns and twists. What's interesting is that the story is told through the eyes of a golden retriever that is reminiscing towards the end of his life, Enzo the dog. The story is that of a man, the author, who crashed while enjoying his favourite hobby of racing with his best companion, a dog, nearby.

How does the book compare to the movie - story summary

the art of racing in the rain book

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While The Art of Racing in the Rain movie may have slight variations to fit the movie industry, the heart of the story is not lost through it all, just as the author desired. The story is told around the life of Denny Swift, who is Milo Ventimiglia, a customer representative at a BMW dealership. He has dreams that would see him become a pro racing driver someday.

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He goes on to adopt Enzo, the dog whom he names after Enzo the Ferarri. The dog's part is voiced by star Kevin Costner. On the journey of becoming a professional racer, he comes into contact and falls in love with Eve played by Amanda Seyfried. The two get married and have a daughter named Zoe, played by Ryan Kiera Armstrong. The three, together with Enzo, settle down and form a great family unit.

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Enzo loves racing with his master Denny whom he adores as they would enjoy watching TV while racing in the hot cars. It was after watching a show with Mongolian dog in it that Enzo is convinced of how he ill reincarnate as a human, a desire that is so deep in him. It is this desire that pushes him to try and understand humans leading to both humorous and thought-provoking outcomes.

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As Denny's career progresses, an unfortunate event happens to his family as Eve falls fatally ill and is discovered by Enzo. Denny and Zoe struggle to get through this tragedy with Enzo by their side. The story then climaxes with a surprising twist that will get you reaching for the tissues, that is if the movie promises to be anything like the book. Fortunately, if the trailers are anything to go by, the movie promises to stay true to the print's details.

One thing you can be sure about is that the racing scenes will be on point and probably even better visually. With the racing details being true from the author's experience as a Sports Car Club of America Spec Miata racer, it is not surprising that it was easy to bring them to life. If you are anything like most people, you will be reaching out to get your handkerchief after the bumpy ride the movie takes you through.

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With the above narration of The Art of Racing in the Rain summary, you will notice that the movie is pretty much similar to the book. There may be a bit of variation here and there, but the bottom line remains that all the emotions are as raw in The Art of Racing in the Rain book as they are in the movie.

the art of racing in the rain movie

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Make a point of visiting the theatres to catch The Art of Racing in the Rain Movie on the big screen. Racecar fanatics, as well as, dog lovers should not miss this one. You will come across a number of The Art of Racing in the Rain quotes that may give you a hint of just what this movie is about. Even so, you can only get the real feel if you purpose to watch the movie, especially if you have not read the book. After all, you get to understand an over 300 paged book in slightly over 1 hour. Mark a date!

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The Art of Racing in the Rain (film) is not very far from the original story in the book. You will be tossed through the emotions that happen to most people in life. In the end, The Art of Racing in the Rain will leave you with a story and lesson imprinted in your mind for life.


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