Jason Momoa net worth, biography, age, height, ethnicity, family

Jason Momoa net worth, biography, age, height, ethnicity, family

Jason Momoa: Khal Drogo, Conan, Aquaman… Do you recognise him? These are the most famous of his characters. Even after starting his career in the late 90s, the movie star is still as powerful, courageous, and impetuous as it befits the hot Hawaiian guy who conquered Hollywood.

Jason Momoa, American actor

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Jason Momoa is an American actor, a model, a producer, and a screenwriter. His full name is Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa. Our post will introduce you to Jason Momoa bio, career, net worth, family and even Jason Momoa height.

Jason Momoa biography

How old is Jason Momoa? His date of birth is the 1st of August, 1979. So, Jason Momoa age is 39 years old. The place of birth is Honolulu, the capital of the Hawaiian Islands. He is the only child in the family. His father is a painter Joseph Momoa, and his mother is a photographer Coni Lemke. Joseph Momoa is a pure-blood Hawaiian, while Coni Lemke bloodline contains German, Irish, and Native American blood. So, Jason Momoa ethnicity is mixed.

Such a cocktail of bloods gave the actor an exotic appearance and impressive natural data. How tall is Jason Momoa? His height is 193 centimetres (6 feet and 4 inches), and weight is 106 kg. At the same time, the muscular relief, admired by the female audience, is his achievement.

The movie star's parents divorced when their son was still a baby. The boy stayed with his mother. They moved to Iowa State. From an early age, the future actor showed athletic ability and spent his free time in the open air. When the Hawaiian grew up, he was interested in mountaineering and axe throwing. After school, Jason entered a local college where he studied marine biology.

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In his youth, the future actor travelled a lot and comprehensively developed. When the movie star was a student, he toured half the world, studied painting in Paris, and explored Buddhism in Tibet. Shortly before receiving a bachelor's degree, he returned to Hawaii to reconnect with his father.

Jason Momoa career

In 1998, Japanese designer Takeo Kobayashi noticed the handsome facial features well-built figure and tall stature of the future actor. Mr Kobayashi brought him into the modelling business. Together with participation in local beauty contests, the Hawaiian worked as a salesman in a shop for surfers.

In 1999, the model got into the cast of the iconic TV series ‘Baywatch Hawaii.’ The future star was chosen from 1300 candidates although he had no idea how to behave on the set. His character Jason John appeared in forty episodes. When the TV series was closed the actor played in its full-length spin-off ‘Hawaiian Wedding.’

Jason Momoa - Hollywood actor

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In 2004, the movie star participated in the TV series ‘North Shore’. Then he played a small role in the comedy ‘Johnson Family Vacations.’ In 2005 the actor received a role of Ronon Dex, one of the key characters in sci-fi series ‘Stargate: Atlantis.’ The movie went on air until 2009.

At that time thick dreadlocks became a recognisable trait of his image. By the final season, the actor got rid of them as the heavy hairstyle caused pain in his neck and back. But he wore a wig to avoid the anger of his fans.

In 2011, he played the main character in the full-length movie ‘Conan the Barbarian.’ The film failed at the box office and was crushed by critics. Jason did not avoid comparison with Arnold Schwarzenegger. As it often happens, the comparison was not in Momoa's favour.

Despite this, the same year, the actor was approved for the cast of a new HBO project. It was the legendary ‘Game of Thrones.’ The movie star received the role of Khal Drogo, the leader of fearsome Dothraki. At the very beginning of the TV series, the hero buys a young Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) to make her his wife and give birth to an heir.

The Hawaiian got the role of Drogo not thanks to the musculature, but his dance. For standing out among the competitors, he danced traditional New Zealand combat dance and captured the casting director’s attention.

Jason Momoa - American film star

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In 2014, the actor wrote a script and directed the thriller ‘Road to Paloma.’ The movie is about the friendship between two rebellious hearts: Robert who is avenging for his mother’s death and his road-trip buddy Cash.

In 2017, another Momoa’s project released. It was a post-apocalyptic drama ‘The Bad Batch.’ Besides, the actor joined the DC movie comic universe trying on the image of a superhero Aquaman. For the first time, the man appeared as Aquaman in the movie ‘Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ In 2018, the full-length movie ‘Aquaman’ based on the DC Comics was also released.

The actor's filmography is quite extensive. We called only the most iconic films of the movie star. Jason admitted his preference to play good guys with a not very good reputation most of all. In his opinion, this type is mainly loved by the audience.

Any conversation about a career always flows smoothly into a discussion about money, especially when it comes to celebrities. What is Jason Momoa net worth? Working as a model and acting in successful movie projects, he undoubtedly made the respectable net worth. Most sources indicate the amount of 14 million US dollars.

Jason Momoa family

During the filming in ‘Baywatch,’ the actor met an actress Simon McKinnon and became very close to her. In 2004 the couple announced their engagement, but the wedding did not take place. 2006 was the last happy year for their couple.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet

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In 2005, while the movie star was still in a relationship with Simon, he got aquatinted with an actress Lisa Bonet, the former wife of Lenny Kravitz. Their love affair was not interfered either by Jason's engagement or the age difference between Bonet and Momoa. Lisa is 12 years older than her beloved.

Jason Momoa family

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The couple got married in 2017. By that time, the spouses already had two common children: a daughter (Lola Iolani) and a son (Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha.) The boy got such an unusual name because he was born in Los Angeles during a terrible thunderstorm. Moreover, Jason is a stepfather of Lisa’s daughter from her first marriage.

More interesting facts about the famous Hawaiian

  • The star has a scar on his left eyebrow. He got it quite banal. During a fight in a bar, someone smashed a glass on his head.
  • Religion plays an essential role in his life. The actor is a devotee of Buddhism and often visits Tibetan temples to discover something new every time.
Jason Momoa and his hobby

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  • In his spare time, Jason goes hiking, canoeing, cycling, roller skating or snowboarding, playing the guitar, and raising children.
  • Even though the actor’s life is connected with the movie industry, he does not like watching films and prefers to read books. Japanese poetry captures the actor deeply as well as Charles Baudelaire poems. Moreover, he practically neither watches TV nor uses e-mail as well as a telephone conversation.
Jason Momoa and his mother

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  • The movie star’s mom often accompanies him on the Red Carpet and regularly appears in the images of his Instagram account.

The invincible hero-warrior played by the stunning Jason Momoa, continues to delight the audience with next exciting Hollywood movies and TV series. The star successfully combines career and family life without ignoring his numerous hobbies.

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