Yaron Varsano: Top 10 facts about Gal Gadot husband

Yaron Varsano: Top 10 facts about Gal Gadot husband

Do you know who Yaron Varsano is? If you do not know, Yaron has a good personality and deserves to be recognised by many people. If you want to know more about the man who is married to one of the most beautiful actresses in the world, this article will give you more details about him.

Yaron Varsano

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One thing that is very interesting about Yaron is how much he loves his family. Unlike his wife who is a public figure, he is not in the limelight, but he is a successful businessman. His love for his family is very evident on social media. Do you want to know more about Yaron Varsano and his wife Gal Gadot?

Who is Gal Gadot?

Gal Gadot is the former Miss Israel, she later grew up and became a successful actress and has recently won the coveted role of Wonder Woman. Being a model, a biker, an actress and, military combat, she is the kind of woman any man would wish to have as a wife.

Who is Gal Gadot married to?

The famous actress is married to a man most people do not know so much about since he is not in the limelight like his second half. His name is Yaron Varsano.

His zodiac sign is Cancer. He is a supportive husband and encourages the wife in her passion for Hollywood stardom. He has worked in the real estate company together with his brother whom their determination and focus brought forth so much success. They travelled a lot, and this brought the idea of building a hotel because they wanted to get a place they would always feel home. Later, the hotel was sold to a tycoon Russian businessman Roman Abramovich.

Top 10 facts about Yaron Varsano

Yaron Varsano and his wife

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Yaron Varsano is a well renowned real estate developer and businessman. He and his wife Gal Gadot will soon celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary. Their relationship is “goals”, and the pictures on their Instagram accounts are living proof. Below are some of the top facts about Yaron you will love to know.

1. Yaron Varsano was born and raised in Amsterdam

Yaron Varsano was born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland but his parents were both Israeli. All his life, his nationality has been Israeli despite being brought up in Amsterdam. He studied at the International School of Amsterdam and later proceeded to New York and studied there at the Institute of Technology where he finished his education and settled in Tel Aviv.

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2. Yaron Varsano met his wife Gal Gadot at a yoga retreat

In 2006, Gal Gadot and Yaron met at a yoga retreat party that was organised by their mutual friends. This place was not considered by many as a romantic location. The party was all about eating healthy, charkas, and yoga. According to Gadot,

"...we did not exactly find ourselves there, but we found each other".

An instant connection was immediately developed among them. It is evident that their love story is ‘love at first sight’.

Yaron Varsano and Gal Gadot

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3. Yaron is a dedicated family man

Varsano is a present dad to his two daughters. When Gal Gadot and husband Yaron are not working, they dedicate themselves to their family by spending time together. Alma, who is the first born daughter saw this world in 2011, while their second-born daughter Maya was born in 2017. While it might not be easy for most women, Gadot was pregnant with Maya while she was filming the movie Wonder Woman.

4. He is a successful businessman

Gal Gadot’s husband zodiac sign is a true definition of him, "being prowess in business with their observation, forward-thinking mind and a strong sense of intuition". His career started after he was done with school. He moved back home to Israel, Tel Aviv, where they joined efforts together with his brother and started a real estate company. Due to a lot of travelling, the brothers wanted to create a home atmosphere far away from home, and they built a hotel which was named after them. It was located in Nevetzedek at Shabazz St Israel.

5. Yaron Varsano net worth

Yaron is a millionaire, but his net worth is not confirmed by official sources. His hard work is evident, and we all know that actions speak louder than words. Yaron, together with his brother, invested in a hotel known as "The Varsano Hotel". In 2015, they sold the hotel to a Russian business tycoon, Roman Abramovich for $26 million or 100 million Israeli shekels. During this period, his net worth drastically increased upwards. Being the reserved man he is, his current net worth is unknown, but it is still under review.

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6. On their second date, he told Gadot that he would propose before 2 years

Despite their age difference, Yaron was determined to pursue Gadot. For most people, age is a sensitive matter, but for these two, we can see that it was not a challenge. They have an age difference of 10 years. By this time, Gadot was too young to notice what was going on between them, but the husband seemed to know she was the right one from the start.

On their second date, Yaron confessed that he was serious with her and he would ask for her hand in marriage within 2 years. He kept his word, after two years he went down on his knees and popped the question.

Yaron Varsano and his Wonder Woman

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7. Gal and Yaron have been married for more than 10 years

As we have already mentioned, they first met in 2006 at a yoga retreat, and after two years after their second date, Yaron proposed to his beloved, and in 2008, they got married. Most sources are misinformed on the exact date when these two tied the knot, but all agree that it was in 2008.

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8. He is a supportive husband

With Gal's passion for Hollywood, Varsano has been her biggest supporter. In many occasions, he has been spotted accompanying her at the red carpet all over the world. He is proud of his wife and lucky to be married to such an independent woman. On Instagram, he posted,

"she is my partner, my love and my friend".

He is always showing off his family on Instagram.

Gal Gadot and husband

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9. The man does not complain of being second fiddle to the wife, as long as celeb status is involved

Yaron is a secure man. He is not troubled by playing second to his famous wife. They share parenting duties. The man is not afraid of stepping up by playing the doting dad to his children. Everything he displays on Instagram is admiration for his wife and children. Most men are not comfortable having wives that outshine them, but Yaron focuses on what he does while being the bedrock for the wife.

10. He supports gender equality

Yaron believes in equality, love and respect for a better future when it comes to supporting gender equality. The man even shared a post on International Women's Day. In it he wrote:

"Love, respect, and equality are the key ingredients for our society to become a nursing grounds for a better future."

Gal Gadot husband, Yaron Varsano, is a family man, very supportive to his famous wife and a caring dad. He is also a hardworking and successful businessman. All he has done in life has turned out to be a success.

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