Most expensive house in Lekki

Most expensive house in Lekki

Today we would like to tell you about the most expensive house in Lekki and its owner.

Most expensive house in Lekki


What is the most expensive house in Nigeria?

Is it really as expensive as it is said to be? Who owns it? Look through this article to find out!

This house which is situated near the Oniru New Market area of Lekki reportedly cost a fortune! It is said to be worth more than $10,000,000 (N3.6 billion).

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It is a fantastic, elegant house with a perfect structure, and for sure, is the most beautiful and gorgeous house among all the others for now. This outstanding mansion was completed in late 2013. It is known for its interior and exterior design, as well as the structure.

Most expensive house in Lekki: interior and exterior


White and orange are the primary colours of the whole house. You can also see here two wide and deep swimming pools, one of them is inside the building. So, the owner will have no problems when throwing a party for his friends and family.

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Most expensive house in Lekki: swimming pools

When speaking about this gorgeous mansion, one should also mention its garages. The main one is situated outside the house and has sliding doors, so rain or dust will have not opportunity to touch the cars. And the other garage is situated inside the building with a Lamborghini in it.

Also, the house elevator is worth your attention. Just have a look at this glass tube inside the house! Have you ever been in a private house with a lift in it?

Most expensive house in Lekki: its elevator and garages

Do you believe that the garage and the elevator are the only things that impress about this house? What would you say then about the plasma TV sets on the floor?

Floor TV

It is evident that it is rather hard to keep such a building clean and bright, so there are some housekeepers. If to be precise, there are five housekeepers, one of them is a Philippine woman.

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One more cool thing about this house is an Armani logo on one of the walls. Do you see it too?

Georgio Armani logo

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Who owns the most expensive house in Lekki?

This is the house of the famous Igbo businessman Okwudili Umenyiora and his family. Okwudili Umenyiora is Chief executive officer of Dilly Motors, as well as the owner of Eric Manny Entertainment record label. Hence, he is one of the wealthiest Nigerian celebrities and he lives in the most expansive mansion in Lekki.

That is all for today, and we hope it was rather interesting for you to know who owns the most expensive house in Nigeria, Lekki.

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