20 proverbs for students with meaning

20 proverbs for students with meaning

Are there any specific proverbs for students? Are they in any way different from the ones other people use? In fact, there are some pure students’ sayings and there are ones that can have a specific meaning for those people who are currently studying. Let’s check them out!

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Meaningful proverbs for students

Many proverbs have several meanings. People understand them in their own way and apply them to certain particular situations. The life of students is quite different from the life of working people or schoolchildren. This is why they have their own point of view on certain things in life. Of course, there are proverbs that can be applied to their perception of life perfectly well.

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Here we have 20 proverbs that may be familiar to you due to their usual meaning. Yet if you are student the proverbs will most likely mean something else to you.

  • Don’t judge a book by its cover

This popular saying means that some things are absolutely not what they seem to be. In the life of students, everything can be this way. Some people may turn out to be absolutely not what they look like. Things and events may be different from what they seem to be. The main idea of this saying is to stay aware of the changing appearances and always look deeper than the surface.

  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do

When you get into a new society or community, you need to accept its rules. Regarding the students who move to campuses while they study, this rule means that they need to accept new behavior norms. They need to get dressed as it’s accepted at their university and adjust their lives to schedules and routines.

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  • Don’t cross the bridge until you come to it

Don’t you ever start planning ahead until you’ve completed the current level. Many students, especially the aspiring ones, often build up long-term plans regarding their education without knowing that life has a different plan.

  • Practice makes perfect

This is probably the best proverb for students. Its meaning is as simple as that: being persistent and stubborn in the studying can improve your skills significantly. No matter what you are studying, repetition and constant practice is what can make your knowledge shine like a diamond.

  • When there’s a will, there’s a way

This saying means that if you want something, nothing will stop you. You will search for the ways to reach your dream instead of trying to invent an excuse why you cannot do it. It works for students, too, when they are searching for ways to enter a university or when they need to overcome the difficulty of understanding a subject.

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  • The early bird catches the worm

The best things are taken by those who don’t waste time. It’s about those who hurry to receive knowledge and don’t oversleep, both literally and figuratively.

  • Better late than never

Some students are used to thinking that if they are late for their classes, it’s better not to go there at all. In fact, it’s better to arrive late than never and miss important things.

  • Two wrongs don’t make a right

In youths’ communities, people often are driven by emotions. When something bad happens to somebody, he or she start searching for the ways to get a revenge. In fact, a bad deed (which is one “wrong”) and a revenge (the second “wrong”) are totally unable to turn into something good for anybody.

  • Always put your best foot forward

It’s not about superstitions and magic at all. It’s about the feeling you have when you say you have started a day with the best foot. Start all your projects and tasks with positive mood, step with your best foot and have a lot of success!

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  • Rome wasn’t built in a day

This is for those people who experience hardships in their studying and need a motivation. Rome was not built in a day. Many years of hard work, diligence, sweat and pain were invested into building the famous city. The same is with learning.

  • No pain – no gain

There will always be something hard in the work you do but the harder the labor - the sweeter its fruits.

  • The squeaky wheel gets the grease

The meaning is simple: if you stay silent, you will receive nothing. If you don’t understand something, ask your teacher to help you. If you have an opinion, speak it out during a discussion.

  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Don’t even try to take a load more than you can bear. Some students, when they get to universities, want to study numerous courses. There’s nothing impossible in it but you need to know that when the load gets too heavy, your back will be broken

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  • Don’t count your chicken before they hatch

It’s practically the same with the saying about crossing a bridge. Don’t hurry to count your success until everything is done and completed.

  • A rolling stone gathers no moss

The more diligent, hardworking and devoted you are, the more benefits you will receive. On the contrary, a lazy bone will gradually develop a lot of “moss” on them like undone tasks, unfinished project and so on.

  • First things first

Set priorities. While you are a student, your academics should come foremost. All other things like having fun with friends, watching movies, browsing the Internet should come only after the main part is done.

  • If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it

Don’t waste your time trying to fix something that doesn’t need fixing.

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  • Learn to walk before you run

Before you get down to something very complicated, you need to learn something simple. This is a saying for the impatient ones who want to reach the tops at once without earning a sufficient base to sustain everything that will be built on the top

  • Out of sight – out of mind

Sometimes, this saying is used as a recipe to forget something that doesn’t leave somebody in peace. Here, we have another meaning. If you remove something from your life, you will forget it. Keep on practicing your skills in order to keep them in your memory

  • Every cloud has a silver lining

No matter how tough things may seem to be, they will settle one day. Your cloud has a silver lining, too, and one day you will see that everything is not so bad.

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These are the 20 useful proverbs for students with their meanings explained. If you liked them, share them with your friends!

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