Lace wedding gowns with sleeves in Nigeria

Lace wedding gowns with sleeves in Nigeria

The image of the bride must always be unmatched. It's no secret that every girl has her views on what an ideal dress should be. Some prefer short skirts, others - long skirts with trails. Some ladies like a complete lack of straps, while others want to wear a wedding lace dress with sleeves. In general, lace elements are essential parts of the wedding dress design. Checkout the latest lace wedding gowns with sleeves in Nigeria.

Lace wedding gowns with sleeves for ladies
Lace wedding gowns for Nigerian beauties
Source: UGC

Romantic and refined, elegant and coquettish, sensual and chaste - all these can be said about a bride wearing a charming wedding lace gown with sleeves. But you need to choose the right dress style and type of sleeves. They can be short, slightly covering shoulders, three quarters, to the elbow, long (to the middle of the wrist). Sleeves can be sewn from the same material as the dress itself, but recently lace or light translucent fabric is most often used, as evidenced by photos of wedding gowns, published on the pages of fashion magazines.

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Lace styles for wedding

Lace is always very elegant and exquisitely looks in the wedding dress. It gives the celebration a unique tenderness, and the atmosphere around it romantic and stylish. That is why a wedding in a lace style is so romantic, refined, luxurious and with an echo of antiquity. It's just a dream of all brides.

You can choose a dress entirely made of lace or only with individual inserts. You can select sewing from expensive hand-made lace or decorate with a more common option. Lace gown will turn any woman into a fairy princess.

Wedding in lace style is very romantic
Lace gives the celebration a unique tenderness
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Lace wedding gowns with sleeves in Nigeria

Nigerian fashion for bridal gowns with sleeves capture the hearts of brides preparing for the celebration. Today, wedding dresses 2018 with sleeves, invented by designers around the world, are great examples of good taste and style.

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How beautiful is the wedding dress in the photo, but will it be the same gorgeous on the bride? This style focuses specifically on the top of the outfit.

A dress with a lace top and "episcopal" sleeves will look really nice on brides with long arms. The combination of transparent sleeves and a V-shaped notch visually lengthens the figure, emphasizes and the beautiful chest.

Lace gowns are the latest wedding trend in Nigeria
Variety of lace wedding gowns
Source: UGC

Mini sleeves

Short sleeves are lush and contiguous, narrow and wide. Interesting covering the very top of the shoulder, in combination with the lace top, they make the whole outfit moderately open and mysteriously attractive.

Mini sleeves, a bodice of lace in combination with a lush bottom, are considered exclusive details of the dress "princess." To complete this image, it is enough to add a few rows of pearls to the swan neck of the bride and a wide bracelet on the wrist. If desired, wear gloves above the elbow. If you add an earring of pearls and a chic bracelet to the image, the bride will turn out to be dazzling.

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Mini sleeves will make your image mysteriously attractive
Lace wedding gowns with mini sleeves
Source: UGC

Three quarter length

Such sleeves close the middle of the forearm. They can be narrow and wide, of different cut and shape. They will help to hide the full hands on the photo and concentrate attention on the wrist so this length will suit almost all ladies.

Sleeves in three-quarters can become a real salvation of the bride if she has fairly full hands
Lace wedding gowns with three quarter sleeves
Source: UGC

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Long sleeves

The dress with long sleeves is perfect for conducting Nigerian wedding in every season. In ancient times, such decoration indicated the purity of the bride, her chastity, besides the tradition required modesty in the wedding dress.

  • The transparent lace of the hanging sleeve, embroidered with beads and pearls looks great with any style of wedding dress: "mermaid," "princess," "new-look," dress-case or attire in the Greek style.
Multifunctional long sleeves
Lace wedding gowns with long sleeves
Source: UGC
  • The exquisite taste of the bride will emphasize an utterly closed dress as if descended from photos of glossy fashion magazines. Its zest is in sleeves of transparent lace and a long puffy skirt. Besides, this style will help hide scars or tattoos from prying eyes.
  • wedding gown with open shoulders and long sleeves in combination with a lush bottom look very calm and attractive too.

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Lace wedding gowns make the image more stylish
Lace gowns for perfect wedding
Source: UGC

As you can see, lace wedding dress allows the creation of stylish, gentle and incredibly feminine image. Do you want to be a real princess on this day? Then the choice is obvious. Let the wedding photos become indisputable evidence that the image of the bride in a lace gown with sleeves is beyond any competition!

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