PHCN prepaid meter codes in Nigeria: recharging and checking your balance

PHCN prepaid meter codes in Nigeria: recharging and checking your balance

What are PHCN prepaid meter codes in Nigeria? Keep reading to information about the changes in the electricity sector of Nigeria and how it can influence you.

PHCN prepaid meter codes in Nigeria

What are prepaid electricity meter codes?

These meter codes are simple devices that help the customers to regulate their consumption of energy. They should be recharged whenever your energy is used up. It’s one of the innovations provided by the privatization of the electricity sector in Nigeria!

PHCN prepaid meter codes in Nigeria

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There are various ways to recharge your prepaid meter, but you should have a smart card to do that. It will help you to sell, order and retrieve power credits.

The traditional way of recharging and checking your balance

PHCN prepaid meter codes in Nigeria
  • The first step in this option is to check the nearest selling outlet to retrieve your card. When you obtain the smart card – you will be able to recharge your prepaid unit with that. The prepaid electricity meter codes use a 20-digit PIN to recharge the balance.
  • You will need to visit the nearest disco offices or dealers and take the smart card with you.
  • The card you are about to present carries the disco number.
  • Request the energy credits that you need.
  • The agent would recharge your card with the requested amount, and you will have the receipt for this transaction. The 20 digits code will be given with your receipt.
  • Upon getting home, you will need to get to your UI Keyboard. On the LCD screen, you will need to enter the 20 digits PIN.

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If the code that you enter into the screen is correct, then you will get the message “Accept.” If the code is entered incorrectly, then you will get the message “Reject.”

It’s also possible to use not only 20 digits code, but your smart card for the same purposes. Let’s take a look at how you can do that using only your smart card! Insert the smart card into the monitor unit. It should be inserted in the proper direction indicated on the card.

PHCN prepaid meter codes in Nigeria

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The control box should be connected to the power source. If there is a symbol, like this “____” on the LCD screen, then you can be sure that the prepaid electricity meter codes card and the unit are communicating. At the end of this process, you will get the message on the LCD screen that the communicating is complete and you got your code and energy.

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Do not dare to remove the card until the loading is complete! It will lead to the card damage or the unit damage. It’s also necessary to check out the following things when the loading is complete.

  • Total credit used
  • Balance
  • Meter Number

How can you check the meter number? You just need to press 65 and the blue button. The number of your meter consists of 11 digits. Is it possible to check your power balance? Of course, you just need to type 07 using the keypad. After that, just press the blue button.

Recharging Online

PHCN prepaid meter codes in Nigeria

Recharging Prepaid meter codes online is very simple. You just need to have a smartphone or personal computer to do that! It’s possible to do without leaving your home at all! The first thing that you will know about the procedure is that everything goes through the VTpass.


Ok, let’s take a look at what is VTpass. It’s a website which hosts Electricity bills that you can pay with using your electronic devices. It’s quite possible! You don’t even need to leave your house for that.

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  • Debit Card;
  • Prepaid Meter Number;
  • Internet-Connected device;
  • Vtpass account.
  • Recharge using PC
  • The first thing to do is to connect your device to the internet.
  • Check the VTpass official website
  • Select in the welcome menu – “Pay Electricity Bills,” then you select "to pay PHCN."
  • You will be redirected to the page where you can select the type of pay.
  • Insert your meter number in the provided spaces to proceed with the transaction. It will also be needed to include the amount you want to buy, your mobile phone number and email, then select – continue.
  • You will get the page where your whole details will be described, and you will just need to enter the information from your credit card.
  • When the payment is made – you will receive the information about it in your email. The prepaid token for the electricity bill will be provided instantly. Nevertheless, it’s recommended that you have a good wi-fi network to get the message.

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Recharge using a mobile phone

PHCN prepaid meter codes in Nigeria
  • Turn on the smartphone and check the Internet;
  • Download Vtpass app from the Android store;
  • Install and launch the app;
  • Choose “Electricity bill payment”;
  • Select PHCN;
  • You will need to choose – pay the prepaid option
  • Enter the mobile phone, meter number, amount of electricity to buy and email;
  • If all the form are filled correct, then you will need to select “pay with card” option;
  • Enter the data from your credit card into the provided space.
  • If you have done everything correctly, then you will get a message to your mobile phone about the results of the transaction. The same you can receive on your email.

That’s all that you need to know about the prepaid electricity meter codes. Enjoy your electricity!

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