Most beautiful and luxury mansions in Nigeria

Most beautiful and luxury mansions in Nigeria

The most expensive mansions in Nigeria are the embodiment of refinement, beauty, and high achievements of architectural art. Such apartments, as a rule, are located in the luxurious regions of Lagos. Let's take a look at the most beautiful, luxury mansions in Nigeria. You will be impressed!

Most beautiful and luxury mansions in Nigeria

Beautiful mansions of Nigerian celebrities

Of course there is no doubt that the most beautiful and luxurious houses in Nigeria belong to our celebrities. The chic facade and furnishings are a guarantee of a happy comfortable life and kind of part of the show. Nigerian celebrities attract the attention of the public and are the owners of the most luxury mansions, which are also at the center of attention. Let's look at the beautiful houses of our favorite celebrities and find out what house design they prefer.

AY Makun

Coming into the house of this popular comedy actor will give you the impression that you are walking into a nightclub. It was designed by his wife and a perfect example of a contemporary style home. It has very modern exterior and luxurious, stylish interior.

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AY Makun

AY Makun house

Inside Ay Makun house


This is one of the youngest millionaires in the country. The cost of his house is about N250million. In its Middle East style prevails gold and white colors. There are expensive technics, luxurious gilt furniture, gym and a swimming pool.

Most beautiful and luxury mansions in Nigeria - E-Money


E-Money house

Aliko Dangote's house in Abuja

It is no surprise that the house of one of the richest people in Africa costs more than $30 million. It is a delightful and comfortable place with a large hall, reception room for important visitors, comfortable kitchen, home office where important guests such as Bill Gates have been, bathroom and bedroom. Every room is truly admirable. This three-storey white building has a very modern and unusual design. We can say for sure that you will not find a similar house in the whole Nigeria.

Aliko Dangote house in Abuja

Aliko Dangote house in Abuja

Inside Dangote mansion

P-Square's house

Banana Island is a quite popular place preferred by a lot of rich people. Here you can see quite a lot of architectural art works. It is a chic territory with well-groomed lawns, beautiful plants and good roads all around. Considerable attention is paid to monitoring the environment and maintaining order.

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As a result of all these advantages, the Okoye brothers have chosen Banana Island as their place of living. Their house is really magnificent. The interior and exterior always impresses the visitors of this mansion.

Most beautiful and luxury mansions in Nigeria - P-Square

P-Square house


P-Square mansion

The most luxurious mansion in Nigeria 2017

The owner of the most luxurious house in Nigeria is Okwudili Umenyiora. This building has a very original design. More than 4 years was spent on its construction. The cost of this house is estimated at about 10 million dollars. However, this high price is due to its complex structure. It has indoor swimming pools and elevators. The owner uses a garage with an unusual design, and of course it holds many expensive cars. 5 persons are needed to keep this building clean and in order daily.

Okwudili Umenyiora

When you look at the round window it seems like you are on board of a ship. In the courtyard, Okwudili can swim in a chic pool with armchairs and sufficient lighting. The floor of the house has TV screens; this is a very creative, unusual design made with very strong glass so no one should be afraid that the equipment will be damaged under their feet.

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The elevator looks like a transparent tube on which the cabin moves between 1st and 4th floors. Usually, such constructions are installed in office buildings, shopping complexes. The atmosphere is complemented by decorative palm trees.

Okwudili Umenyiora house

Of course, these are not all the luxurious houses owned by Nigerian celebrities. We tried to pick the houses with the most interesting design and luxurious interior. Feel free to share your comments below and tell us your personal vision of the most beautiful and luxurious house in Nigeria.

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