Top 10 UK Cities With Best Job Opportunities for Nigerians

Top 10 UK Cities With Best Job Opportunities for Nigerians

As more Nigerians seeks greener pasture in UK, choosing the right cities with opportunities is as important as a less safe location. has compiled a list of UK cities to consider while planning to leave the country.

The cities were selected from average salary, salary growth, employment rate growth, unemployment rate, job listings, cultural diversity, and the number of businesses.

House prices and rental costs were also included in the analysis to reflect the city’s affordability and cost of living.

Here are the best ten cities to get job opportunities as a Nigerian.

1. Bristol

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Bristol is home to people from 187 nationalities, speaking 91 languages. It has been voted the best place to live outside of London.

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Bristol has a low unemployment rate and has good opportunities for highly skilled workers.

Top employers in Bristol include Barnes Group; American Customer Care, Bristol Hospital Health and Care Group, Bristol Connecticut, among several others. Check out Bristol numerous job offers.

2. Leeds

Leeds, a major financial and legal centre in the UK, has the second-highest working adult population. Leeds is also a city with the highest number of new businesses.

The city is said to have a low cost of living, allowing people to explore the city for work.

It is also diverse service and industrial sectors, including education, health, science, print and publication, creative, digital, and retail. Here are Leeds Job Opportunities

3. Cardiff

No.1 cheapest transport, the capital of Wales, Cardiff, has a diverse job market with opportunities in finance, media, and healthcare.

Cardiff is one of the most affordable places for students, as surveyed by NatWest.

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It is not too financially taxing compared to other cities in the UK. There are plenty of places to get part-time jobs in Cardiff.

There are numerous shops, bars and restaurants and there are always vacancies. See some Cardiff job openings

4. Edinburgh

Edinburgh has many part-time student jobs. For instance, you can find work in one of the city’s many museums, art galleries, cafés, restaurants, bookshops, or theatres.

And speaking of theatre, Edinburgh hosts 12 annual festivals, including the world’s biggest arts festival.

As such, this magical city has plenty of part-time work like event planning retail assistant.

5. Manchester

Known for its thriving digital, tech, and creative industries, Manchester offers numerous job opportunities.

This may be a good place if you are looking for jobs because it has a higher employment rate

Data from the Office for National Statistics revealed that as of March 2023, Manchester's employment rate of 68.2% was lower than most.

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Top employers in Manchester include Tesco, PwC, Accenture, Amazon, McDonald’s among several others. Manchester named the best city for work

6. Cambridge

Analysis of data from Indeed suggests that there are currently around 396 job postings in Cambridge per 10,000 working-age people.

Newcastle presents a dynamic job market with a diverse range of employment opportunities.

The city boasts a thriving healthcare sector, with roles for medical professionals and support staff, while its higher education institutions offer academic and research positions.

The technology sector is on the rise, providing opportunities in software development and IT services, and there is a substantial presence of financial and banking institutions. I am running a few minutes late; my previous meeting is running over.

7. Birmingham

This is the most populated city in the UK. The city is a great place for job seekers and offers them the opportunity to explore.

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Birmingham is also said to have many businesses, which help in better employment opportunities in the city! Birmingham jobs for international students.

8. Liverpool

Employees prefer areas with remote working, and Liverpool supports it. Liverpool also has comparatively lower living costs than the other cities in the UK and provides a stable lifestyle.

Top employers in Liverpool are Amazon, McDonald’s, Tesco, NHS, Barclays, and Unilever. Liverpool students jobs

9. Glasgow

Glasgow is one of the most popular UK cities with the highest graduate salaries and great employment opportunities. Glasgow is said to be the 3rd most populated city in the UK.

This city has good work opportunities for professionals across all industries, given its huge tech community.

It is a great place to grow a career in the financial and business sector, with more than 52,000 jobs in these two industries alone.

The city fares well on other parameters, including local infrastructure, transport facilities, and leisure activities.

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Top employers in Glasgow are McDonald’s, J.P. Morgan, Tesco, Teleperformance, and Amazon. Glasgow part time jobs

10. London

London is an excellent place to look for part-time student work. You can find a range of job roles, from hospitality to retail to call centre work. It’s also a great place to live and study if as an international student.

The geographic location, the busy city life, the mix of people, and various employment options are the few reasons London stands out to be the best of all time.

Though the living expenses in central London can be expensive, the safety and comfort it carries along are second to none. Also, the minimum wage in many parts of London is high enough to meet the living expenses. Find jobs here.

Expert reacts

Speaking to Legit, Kunle Adebayo, a Nigerian who had lived in the UK for over 10 years explained that Liverpool, Manchester, remains the best destination for Nigerians trying to kick off.

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He highlighted the cost of living and opportunities for Africans as reasons for his choice.

The choice depends on the individual and their level of education, skills, and finances. Anyone coming with the hope of starting small with little financing should avoid London or they might end up in places like Peckham, which many of us describe as a mini-Lagos.

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