5 Dangerous Drinks Consumed In Lagos

5 Dangerous Drinks Consumed In Lagos

Drinking is a human habit that is both necessary and optional. Necessary in the case of water as food and to satisfy thirst, optional as regards leisure,  drinking alcohol and other beverages.

5 Dangerous Drinks Consumed In Lagos


Either way, one must be careful with what he or she drinks, and that is why a survey has been carried to ascertain drinks that are dangerous to health, but are consumed by many Lagosians, regardless of class.

Here they are in no particular order.

1. "Pure Water"

5 Dangerous Drinks Consumed In Lagos

This doesn't refer to water that meets all the hygienic standards, but to the Lagos sachet water that analysts have said generates billions of Naira nationwide.

More than 70 percent of those who reside in Lagos take at least a sachet of water daily.

The problem is not with the packing, but with the places from where they have been packaged. The fear is that due to certain lapses, not all the factories producing "pure water" go through proper screening, hence the greater chances for typhoid and other related ailments.

Reports have shown that many cases of typhoid are as a result of unclean water, a lot do not get to survive from some related complications that follow.

2. Opa-Eyin

5 Dangerous Drinks Consumed In Lagos
5 Dangerous Drinks Consumed In Lagos

This a mix of locally made gin with some herbs and roots, it is fabled to hold the cure to many diseases.

The scam is the medicinal importance attached to it, but many overlook the fact that no one can tell the source of the local gin, and non can really tell what roots and herbs have been infused.

5 Dangerous Drinks Consumed In Lagos

Science has proved how lethal such unrefined gin can be, some documentaries show how dilapidated huts serve as production factories with rusted pipes as flow links in the distillation process.

3. "Codeine"

Now it sounds ridiculous but it has been reported that some youths in Lagos have taken to codeine, you ask where they find it?

Simple, they just look for cough syrups.

5 Dangerous Drinks Consumed In Lagos

Have you wondered why cough syrup prices have risen at your local drug-store? This is the perfect reason.

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5 Dangerous Drinks Consumed In Lagos

Sources say what those who indulge crave, is the sleepy feel. So you see them gulp a full bottle of cough syrup at a stretch.

4. "Monkey-Tail"

This is very deadly and it will shock you as to how many Lagosians take this daily, regardless of class and age.

Monkey-tail is a rough blend of the locally made gin and Indian hemp or cannabis (locally called igbo)

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5 Dangerous Drinks Consumed In Lagos

Now when Olamide the rapper said in his song "mo ti mu dogoyaro, and monkey tail" this was exactly what he was talking about.

It gets you so 'high', but is very injurious to the internal organs and constant use could cause mental problems.

5. Scooshes/Skooshes

5 Dangerous Drinks Consumed In Lagos

You will be wondering what the picture above really is, your guess is correct; it is Zobo. Now here is the shocker, scooshes is made from a craazy blend of Zobo, cannabis, Codeine, and local rum.

Crazy right?  This drink is served at various bars, many even confess that they are sold in lovely packages at posh clubs and drink spot across the Lagos metropolis.

I need not tell you how deadly such a concoction can be, need I?

It will be recalled that the Federal Government banned the consumption of the local gin popularly known as ogogoro.

This came on the heels of reports of deaths due to its consumption.

Lagosians love to have fun and experiment, but people should realise the dangers and avoid them.

The advice is to ensure that whatever you consume is truly NAFDAC certified, it is with  health that wealth is acquired, stay healthy.

Source: Legit.ng

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