Bobrisky: Is Crossdresser Living the Life or Faking It? A Look at His Ugly Debt Call-Outs in Recent Times

Bobrisky: Is Crossdresser Living the Life or Faking It? A Look at His Ugly Debt Call-Outs in Recent Times

  • Bobrisky has grown an interesting reputation for controversy since his emergence as a crossdresser in Nigeria
  • The self-acclaimed male Barbie is known to display a larger-than-life lifestyle that has left many questioning the source of his wealth
  • Interestingly, Bobrisky's acclaimed wealth has not stopped him from being the main actor in several debt call-outs on social media

Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okuneye better known by many as Bobrisky has done an impressive job staying relevant in the social space albeit through controversy.

The 30-year-old crossdresser has managed to build a reputation that has made Nigerians develop a love-hate relationship with him.

Bobrisky: Is crossdresser living the life or faking it?
A look at Bobrisky's ugly debt call-outs in recent times. Photo: @bobrisky222
Source: Instagram

It would also appear that the effeminate celebrity has painstakingly put in the efforts to understand his audience as he knows how to sway their perception in his favour; especially on days when it seems like the world is against him.

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Bobrisky commands the attention of four million Instagram followers who stick with him through thick or thin, and he has no doubt managed to retain their attention by making many live vicariously through him.

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He flaunts money and the luxury lifestyle in a way that makes many people flood his comment section with the popular rhetorical question "God when?"

However, like many celebrities who are known to keep up with the gram, the crossdresser has faced his fair share of criticisms about leading a fake life that has been curated for social media.

Where is the money coming from?

Apart from cross-dressing - which is what brought him into the limelight - Bobrisky was known as another upcoming local skincare brand owner who had also tapped into the skin bleaching business that was booming at the time.

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In fact, one of his earliest controversies involved celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani, who had allegedly accused him of poaching some of her high ranking clients, after he completed his skincare training with her company.

The two clashed on social media on several occasions and rumour has it that they are still not at peace with each other.

So while he was gaining the attention of Nigerians as a crossdresser, he was equally making massive income from his organic skincare products that sold for at least N200k for a complete package.

His Instagram page at the time was filled with screenshots confirming orders from customers and others showing testimonials from satisfied clients.

However, it would only take months before Bobrisky’s skincare line quietly became non-existent, with the crossdresser refusing to give any reasons for quitting the seemingly lucrative business.

Although, there were reports that the skincare products never delivered Bobrisky’s promises of glowing and spotless skin. In addition, it didn’t help that Bobrisky was an entirely different version of himself outside of filters and heavy makeup.

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Bobrisky’s eyelashes and lipstick line

In 2019, the crossdresser launched another business venture that made many move past the failures of his skincare line.

Bobrisky struck a deal with a Chinese company and commenced the production of his artificial eyelash extensions. Like wildfire, the eyelashes caught a lot of buzz in the beauty world with many—especially his celebrity friends—swearing by its efficiency.

He wasted no time in entering a collaboration with his equally controversial ex-bestie, Tonto Dikeh. The two sent a shockwave through the industry with promotional images that saw many digging into their purses to cop the eyelash extensions.

The success of the new venture led Bobrisky to announce a lipstick line that didn’t quite live up to its predecessor. The crossdresser made his coins from the failed business ventures but they still didn’t account for the kind of life he portrayed; especially for a person who couldn’t keep a business running.

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A brand/social media influencer

As someone who built his brand on controversies, there was always a reason for the crossdresser to become a topic of discussion on multiple social media platforms.

Bobrisky topped the trend table on Twitter and was a regular on multiple news websites, blogs albeit for unglamorous reasons. He was constantly slandering females, broke shaming people or calling out those who have erred.

It took a while for people to understand that the controversies were indeed the fuel to staying relevant and ultimately securing brand endorsement deals.

While he was pushing his cosmetic products line, Bobrisky was an active influencer who would gladly neglect his own brand for those who could part ways with huge chunks of their money.

Every week saw the crossdresser forcing his followers to show support for skincare, cosmetics brands that had paid his bills...

Is it greed that makes Bobrisky a debtor or has he been faking it all along?

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For someone who boasts of spending as much as N50m on birthday parties and making multiple claims of inching close to becoming a billionaire, it’s hard to reconcile how Bobrisky has made the debtors list of a handful of people.

The crossdresser has been dragged in the mud on several occasions by business owners who accused him of owing them to the tune of millions.

In 2019, the effeminate celebrity was nabbed by officers of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) after a business owner went after him for a debt of N665k which was accrued due to a breach of the signed contract.

Bobrisky was eventually granted bail after he signed an undertaking to pay the sum of N300k to the business owner.

Again, in September of the same year, the crossdresser was dragged online by an automobile dealership for taking possession of a car that had not been fully paid for. Apparently, he had arranged for the car to be displayed at his 28th birthday party, as a gift from his boo.

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Unfortunately, things took an awry turn as the party couldn’t go on as planned and the car dealership was forced to call him out over payment for the ride.

Then, in 2020, Bobrisky was the star of another debt call-out after a businesswoman accused him of owing her to the tune of N4 million.

The displeased woman wrote in a call-out post shared on Instagram:

“I have been keeping quiet for too long, if you know Jennysglow well you will know I don’t like trouble at all in fact I run from it but if you think you trample on my calmness trust me I will come hard for you... I will collect my money from you @bobrisky222 trust me this is no jokes at all. IDRIS SEND ME BACK MY 4MILLION NAIRA!”

Bobrisky’s debt call out continued to pile against each other as another nail technician held no reservations in calling him out in March 2021, over a N70k debt.

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The technician explained how he and his team worked for the socialite only to be owed their fees. He, however, disclosed that a good Samaritan came to the mercy of Bobrisky and offset the N70k debt.

Fast-forward to September 2021, the crossdresser found himself in the middle of another debt-call out just a few weeks after his star-studded 30th birthday that allegedly gulped over N50 million.

This time around, a jewellery vendor accused Bobrisky of owing her to the tune of millions after purchasing gold accessories that were used for his birthday photoshoots.

The vendor who seemed to have a personal vendetta with Bobrisky for ridiculing his ex-bestie, Tonto Dikeh, over a N5 million debt, described the crossdresser as a heartless and wicked person who is also a chronic debtor.

It is interesting to note that the effeminate celebrity has hardly ever come after all his debtors; an action which has led many to believe that he is guilty as accused.

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A recent visit to his page shows that he is still flaunting his luxury lifestyle and racking in several brand endorsement and advertisement deals, which he claims rakes in millions of naira for him.

Perhaps, greed plays a role in how the crossdresser chooses to engage with his business partners or he is simply winging it and struggling to keep up appearances…


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