Emmymadeinjapan's biography: age, husband, children, net worth

Emmymadeinjapan's biography: age, husband, children, net worth

Emmymadeinjapan is a famous YouTuber, well known for her food tasting videos. She makes and tastes food, receives various treats from her viewers across the globe, and gives her reviews of the food.

The YouTube star trying out a treat. Photo: @emmymade
Source: Instagram

The YouTuber began her channel in 2010 when she lived in Japan, intending to show what she made during her stay there. Born and raised in the USA, she went to Japan to work as a teacher. She is also a mum of two. Emmy Cho's bio here has all the details about her.

Profile summary

  • Full name: Emmy Cho
  • Alias: Emmymadeinjapan
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: July 17, 1982
  • Age: 39 (as of 2021)
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Place of birth: California, USA
  • Nationality: Chinese-American
  • Career: Teacher, YouTuber
  • Height in feet and inches: 5'8
  • Height in cm: 173
  • Weight in lb: 121
  • Weight in kg: 55
  • Body measurements: 34-26-39
  • Eye colour: Dark brown
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Instagram: @emmymade
  • Facebook: @itsemmymadeinjapan
  • YouTube: Emmymade

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Emmymadeinjapan's biography

Emmy was born on July 17, 1982, in California, USA. As of 2021, Emmymadeinjapan's age is 39.

Is Emmymadeinjapan Japanese?

Emmy is not Japanese. She took up the name because she was living in Japan when she started her YouTube channel and wanted to showcase the crafts that she intended to make during her stay there. She and her husband had gone to Japan as English teachers.

EmmymadeinJapan's age
Emmy showing a large pumpkin that she grew. Photo: @emmymade
Source: Instagram

Emmymadeinjapan's family has Chinese roots. Though her parents are of Chinese heritage, she was born and raised in the US with her brother, who has appeared in some of her videos.


Emmymadeinjapan started her career as a teacher based in Japan. While in Japan, she decided to start a YouTube channel to showcase what she made. Her initial thoughts were to show some of her crafts, but it evolved into a food-making and tasting channel.

Her first video was of herself tasting Japanese candy, and she didn't know at the time that it was the beginning of a flourishing career on YouTube. She attracted a significant audience with the video and eventually received a box of candies to taste from one of her viewers in Germany. That was how her journey of receiving food from viewers for her to try out began.

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The decision to set up a YouTube channel was partly inspired by the loneliness that Emmy and her husband experienced when living in Japan. It was a different time in their lives as they didn't know the language and were separated from their friends and family in the United States. Eventually, Emmymadeinjapan moved back to the United States.

The YouTuber uses her channel to sample a wide range of foods from different countries and cultures. She also tries out different recipes and gives reviews of them. She explores retro recipes from years back, recipes from various chefs, foods from unconventional places such as prisons, and unique foods from multiple locations.

In addition to her love for trying out food, Emmy also loves to travel and explore new things in various parts of the world. She educates her viewers about foods from different cultures and shares some information on world history in some of her videos.

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The YouTuber seems to have an open mind when trying out new foods, and she doesn't act shocked or disgusted even when she doesn't like something. She gives her honest reviews on foods and describes the texture, smell, and taste of food such that one can know what to expect of a particular type of food without trying it.

Emmy was one of the winners in the YouTube NextUp Competition. Her channel is arguably one of the best food channels on the platform. She currently has over 2.6 million subscribers.

The YouTuber renamed her channel from Emmymadeinjapan to Emmymade since she is no longer based in Japan. She also has another channel named Emmymade extras, where she posts DIY projects for kids, and she also documents her journey of rearing bees. She has 202k subscribers on her second channel.

Is Emmymade vegan?
Emmy showing some of the food she made. Photo: @emmymade
Source: Instagram

Is Emmymadeinjapan still married?

It is not known where the YouTuber is still married or not. Emmymadeinjapan's husband used to appear in some of her videos, but he has not been seen in her videos for a while now.

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This has led to the speculation that the couple may have divorced. The details of Emmymade in Japan's divorce are not available.

Emmy made a video in 2014 announcing that she was expecting a baby. Emmymadeinjapan's pregnant status was received with great joy among her fans, and she's now a mother of two sons.

Is Emmymade vegan?

The YouTuber has not shared whether she's vegan, but going by the fact that she tries various meat dishes on her videos, it is safe to say that she is not vegan.

She eats healthy meals in her day-to-day life, and her diet is not entirely comprised of the snacks and treats she tries out on her videos.

Emmymadeinjapan is a successful YouTuber who is very good at sampling foods from different countries and giving reviews. She is also a loving mother of two sons.

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